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August 05, 2013


Just makes my day! HAPPY DANCE!!!

Happy happy happy!!!

I'm so pleased for Scamp and his new family. Will think lots of good thoughts for sweet Darla.

We're all thinking about Darla and praying everything will turn out o.k. It's just not fair that she should have the surgery turn out fine and now has a problem with the drops. We love you Darla!

The photo of Scamp with his new family is just precious!! Hurray for another successful doggie adoption! Lots of love and many years of joy to Scamp and his new family.

Keeping Darla in our thoughts and we hope for a very good outcome with her eyes.

So wonderful to hear that Scamp has a new family. What wonderful people, Charlotte and Len!

So sorry to hear that Darla's recovery is not going well. Keeping fingers crossed and saying prayers that she will be able to overcome this hurdle and once again enjoy her sight, without pain and complications. Sending big hugs and kisses from Gaylord to Darla and a huge thank you to all of you who are helping this sweet and lovable girl through this.

Yeah, Scamp. The last photo brought tears to my eyes...the three of them looked so content and happy :) Many thanks to ALL who made this happen, so many hands played a part in Scamp getting a wonderful new home.

What a great family! They were all definitely meant to be together.
No better a person than one who truly loves all animals.

Yay, Scamp! Enjoy life in your new home! Thanks Charlotte and Len for opening your hearts and home.

I hope that you can find out what is going on with Darla and that she is feeling better soon!

So very happy for Scamp and his new family - this delights my heart! Praying for Darla and healing in her eye situation.

Poor Darla! Hope this gets sorted out soon. And congratulations to Scamp and his new family! That picture needs no words.

Wonderful for Scamp and his new family!! Sorry to hear about problems ongoing with Darla, darn belief is that it is going to be okay for her. Thank you for taking such extraordinary care with her.

That photo of Scamp and his new sibling with his new Dad Len says it all. Wonderful dogs deserve wonderful humans. Seems like a perfect match to me! Thanks to all for this happy family. And please keep us updated on Darla. We want her eyes to be ok!

Congratulations Charlotte, Len and Max, and SCAMP!!! How wonderful to find a very special forever home, with many special angels helping to guide your way. All the best to you all!

Yup! That picture says it all--Scamp is home!!

Prayers for Darla that the doctors find the cause of the irritation from those drops shortly.

Yeah for Scamp. Looks like he settled right in. That is wonderful of Charlotte and Len to open their home and hearts to him.

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