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August 19, 2013


Free food! Isn't that great? I feel that way when I pick figs off of our tree and eat them.

Sounds delicious! I love apple trees. Sometimes while hiking we come across one left over from an abandoned homestead. We are never able to identify those either, but we always gather as many as we can carry.

The photo is so lovely. What a peaceful place RDF seems to be for both of you and all your animals!

I hope you have time to bake some of those apples into a delicious dessert. Yum!!

Wonder if those apples are an old variety that doesn't show up in books anymore. Or maybe the trees cross-pollinated and produced some kind of hybrid (don't know if apples do this, but I've seen some interesting cross-bred citrus). Either way, you can't beat home-grown produce!

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