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August 09, 2013


SOOO happy for Darla! Whenever I need a good cry I come to your blog, LOL. So many heart warming stories; I just love reading the updates. Thanks for taking the time to keep your fans updated and share all of this with us. :o)

I'm in love with Darla from the moment I saw her first Blog Story!

I'm so happy to hear that all is well with Darla's eyes...I'm sure we were all getting worried there for a while.

I agree with Mary H...she knows your heart (and Alayne's) is true. She knows very well how much you love her and she is showing her love right back to you. She's a lucky girl!

You've just got to keep this girl !

I am in agreement with Betsy. It was wonderful to see a photo of Darla's beautiful face and hear the good news about her recovery. And we know she couldn't be happier not just having her sight back, but having found her forever home and Dad. Some things are just meant to be. Bless you all!

This brought tears to my eyes. You and Alayne deserve all thanks. And Darla knows about it. How sweet.

Awwwwww. It just doesn't get any better than that! Mike

Oh my goodness....tears of happiness....for this precious girl....we ALL thank you!!

Oh, that's so sweet the way she snuggled against you, and wags when you speak. I'm sure she is indeed grateful to you for giving her a safe, happy home and for restoring her sight. Glad to hear her eyes have reached a healthy equilibrium.

Darla is always extra precious. We are so happy she has the gift of sight and an abundance of love!

thank you for this post...your visual of Darla coming up to you while you were in the mud room went right to my heart. What a dear soul she is. Thank you for giving her such a wonderful life .

Your last paragraph made me cry. You and Alayne are such wonderful people. The animals know it...and so do all of us!

My eyes are leaking! :)

Great post to end the work week! Hurrah Darla. Hurrah for Rolling Dog Farm!!!!

Darla is a sweet, sweet girl.....sent to help you with the passing of Goldie and all your other loved ones you have lost in recent years. She is truly a "Steve-minion"......

I am so happy for Darla, and you two too. Go for it Darla.
Again, I am so happy the assorted canine, and other, critters, have you two to go to bat for them!!! Here is to all good luck henceforth, Darla. Maybe Steve and Alayne will give you an extra ear-ruffle and tummy-rub from us and our canine friends.

Wow. My eyes just got all misty. What love dogs bring us, even if they've had tough roads behind them. She is so happy to loved, and safe, and to be able to see, and she knows it's because of you and Alayne. Darla is officially a Daddy's Girl. Yes, sweet Darla, you are home for good.

Darla knows :)
Sure is wonderful to hear such great news!

This is so precious. What could make you feel more wonderful than the tail wagging at the sound of your voice! A wonderful weekend to everyone at the farm, and for all who help and support you.

Thanks for the follow-up Steve. I'm glad to hear she is doing well, and sounds like YOU are a lucky dog getting some head butts of love.

What a wonderful update!!!

Your post with Darla's picture has just made my day! I am so happy she is doing well and there were no serious complications. I know she loves you Steve. She knows your voice and knows how much you care. I'm just smiling right now looking at her face.

Darla "sees" your heart is true.

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