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August 07, 2013


Your description of Willy zigging and zagging reminds me of butterflies. In her book The Prodigal Summer, Barbara Kingsolver writes about butterflies and moths navigating by scent. They sample the air here and there, zigging and zagging along. Since a dog's most important sense is scent I wonder if that is what Willy is doing. He is a cute guy and his aloofness does remind me of my brother (who has Aspberger's). Not so much anti-social as he prefers to be alone. I would think that would happen with dogs too.

I understand where Willy's coming from, I'm a lot like him. Alas, I'm at my doggy quota right now with four. Enjoy being different, Willy; I always have! :o)

Ahhh Willy!

Willy is adorable. As some people tend to be loners, maybe this is the case for Willy. I had a dog in the past who just liked to spend her time by herself rather than with the other dogs. She was also aloof with humans as well. That's just the way she was. I hope this is the case with Willy, rather than something medical. Please let us know if you find out if anything is going on with him.

What RDF is all about. Disabled, maybe, but loved and appreciated, absolutely.

Viva la difference!

I know of nothing to say to RDF other than thank you again and again over and over. Thank you for efforts made and gratitude for the little souls such as Willy.

I re-read Willy's story, and again was impressed by the twists and turns he had to go through before reaching you. It sounds like he is very happy in his own little world now.

Willy is a handsome boy, much sleeker than when he arrived! Thank you for giving him a home and the 'space' he seems to need.

I had a dachshund that was very tightly wound and very prey driven, she chased the ball 27/7 when she was a young punk. As she aged and her eye sight grew dim, she did a lot of "patrolling", especially if she was in pain. It took me awhile to figure this out -- there were various things over the years but the last one was her teeth. After a dental cleaning she stopped wandering so much and slept in the sun more.
She was not social and she didn't really like to be held or petted unless she was cold but a squeaky toy would brighten her day. I'm sure you've had Willy's teeth checked and he has plenty of squeakie's available -- he might just be one of those strong predator types.

I lost Mitzi a couple of months ago after 14 years of a great friendship and I know that Willy is loving what you provide for him, even if he's not a cuddle bug.

Good Morning 'Rolling Dog Family' with a ((( BIG HUG )) going to dear Willy.....a marcher to his own drum.....

awww, Willy is a sweetie. He's just a doxie that marches to his own drummer. A non-conformist! A breakout king! Love ya Willy!

Willie is certainly a handsome young man. I have a 14+ year dachshund that is beginning to show some of the signs of dementia, one of which is the pacing and zooming you are talking about. Could this be sweet Willie's problem? As long as he has your love and understanding, his life will be good.

Thank you, thank you for loving him.

Seems to me that Willy may be a good candidate for adoption where he can live in a home and be the only dog and get lots and lots of attention from his humans. He may not be a gregarious fellow and may prefer to be an only dog. Either way, he's a sweet little guy.

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