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July 22, 2013


People down here in South Carolina were somewhat smug in laughing at the "heat" wave in the New England states. They forget that you guys up there don't go from air conditioned car to air conditioned buildings like we do down here. It's a lot tougher without the a/c.

Tonya and I think alike. A Widget suite with aircon would probably be acceptable, not great but acceptable.

Love me some Widget! I can picture her ears flying out to the side like she'd be ready for takeoff :)

It's been such a crazy summer temperature-wise no matter what part of the country we live in. Hope it has gotten cooler up there for all of you!

Great photo! I'm sure she'd accept a window unit in a special, Widget-only air-conditioned room. If you put a bucket of ice in front of the fan, it will make the breeze cooler. But it will also attract ice-loving dogs and your floor will turn into a puddly mess. Oh well.

Widget has the right idea!!!

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