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July 24, 2013


Good luck for Darla! We miss the blog but I hope it all goes well and we have good news to start the week.

out of material?? If you'll excuse my bluntness - are you nuts?? I think you perhaps under estimate how exciting it is to get a two line update with a photo as Barb suggested on one of the long timers. How's your girl Lena? How's Travis this summer? Is Cash still teasing Hawk? Spinner still doing okay? Heard from any alumni? Didn't you host a visitor's day early this month? Okay I'll stop now....

Thanks Steve. I realize blogging takes time of which you have little to spare and I know you like to do everything well. I'm teasing, kinda! :-)

Good luck, Darla! Safe travels for you and your human.

I agree with Shirley and her dachshunds: "Hooray for Darla!
Safe trip and successful surgery!"

How wonderful for Darla!! Sending good thoughts for her successful surgery

Hooray for Darla!
Safe trip and successful surgery!

How are the potatoes growing? and the carrots? How are the cows? goats? What is new in the horse barns?? Surely a barn cat or two has been spotted by the camera? Any turkey or chicken chicks? We like even the "boring day to day" stuff!
BTW, what do you use for flea control? I am finding Advantage and Frontline are not working well...

get well fast Darla!

Best of luck to Ms. Darla. Hope her surgery goes well. Keeping our fingers crossed here in Gaylord MI

Just a quick comment, even though I know I have mentioned this before. And I certainly don't mean to be a PIA nor do I want to give you extra work, but I wouldn't mind if you posted just a photo of some of the other doggies who may not be as big a star as the ones we already know and love. Maybe a shot of them lying in their yard or playing outside with their names. in the blog. On a day when there is no time to blog, this would be ideal. I realize there are just so many hours in the day, but it's just a thought. And all good wishes as we wait to hear about Darla's surgery.

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