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July 29, 2013


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Congrats, Darla!!

This is one of the things that makes your heart sing. To imagine coming out of a world of darkness and being able to see is just the best. Hope, hope, hope her eye pressure stays normal. I am so thankful to you good people who help these wonderful creatures!!

I'm away and without much computer access, so when I was able to get on and I saw this, I was so happy!!! How wonderful for Darla and for all of you. Let the new adventures begin!

Priceless! It just doesn't get any better than that sweet, and penetrating, stare, knowing Darla can see again! She is such a doll!

What joy to have that moment of recognition, and thanks. Tears of joy all around. Such happy news!

What you do for each and every animal you care for, is absolutely amazing! Thank you.
Having been through cataract surgery with one of my dogs before, I recognize that kind of a schedule of meds well. The challenging part that many people won't appreciate is the requisite 5 minutes between each drop. And then doing it all over again, for a total of 3 times per day, it becomes a major undertaking. Plus you have many other animals with medical needs. I only had one dog with one eye needing meds and I was frazzled. When do you sleep?

This is such wonderful news! Made my day too....have to admit I was taking a sip of coffee while I was reading it and came to the part about you asking Darla if you were as handsome as she thought you'd be, and almost blew coffee out my nose! I started laughing so hard! (Not that you aren't handsome, of course, just that it hit me funny - yikes, I better quit while I'm behind here!) Thanks again for the love and care you give them all. So happy!

.....Tears of happiness....for precious Darla......."Oh Darla, the things you'll see" xoxox

It is so gratifying to read all the things that you and your co-workers do to make the lives of these special animals so much better. Keep up the good work!

I am overwhelmed and so happy for Darla and you guys! This is so great! Thank YOU!!!

This post sounds an awful lot like you have yourself a new minion at the farm Steve....a daddy's girl maybe?

It'll be hard to believe if Darla is there for very long before she's adopted. That is, if you can let her go. I would not be able to part with any of them but especially her. There's obviously something going on between you two.

What a wonderful sight, seeing Darla looking up and actually seeing again! Thank you so much for what you have been able to give this wonderful, loving dog. So glad that Darla was able to finally get to RDF and given a second chance.

Now that Darla has gotten a look at "her" chair she thinks it's a bit seedy. She wants you to re-cover it ASAP.

I cannot even imagine what it must be like for a dog to go from blind to seeing again. How wonderful that she has had this opportunity to see where she is going. LOL about the food treats. Yes indeed, a new technique!

What incredible, incredible news---I fell in love with Darla from the first blog post. Boy, what a full time job after a pet has surgery!!! That is quite the intense schedule!!! LOVE DARLA....LOVE RDF!!! SO INSPIRING!!!!!!

I can tell you what Darla was thinking when she first saw you, Steve. "This guy not only has a heart of gold, he's a looker too!"
Congrats on being able to give Darla her sight. What a precious gift!
Hugs all around,

What happy news - it made my day!!

This is wonderful news! It is, I imagine, extra special for you and others at RDF as Darla may be checking up on everyone daily. I started getting misty when I look at Darla's photo. She is a beautiful girl-just look into her eyes.

Fantastic! Thank you for caring and sharing Darla's story. XOXO

That's so wonderful! I'm so happy for you and Darla. I loved the part about Darla putting together Sophie's smell with her appearance. I'll bet that little vignette repeated itself quite a bit over the first few days. And she's got the Give It To Me stare down just perfectly. No way to resist that!

I admit I was holding my breath waiting for this blog. I was so hoping for it to be good news. And it was. Looking at the picture of Darla and knowing she can see just made my day. This is so wonderful.

We see you seeing the camera and your dad what a great sight for all of us! Blessings!

What wonderful news!!!!!


How rewarding it must be to be able to give one of these delightful canine friends sight (again)! Thank you for sharing Darla's story.
Thank you for all the work you do for all these four-footed animals.

Hurrah for Darla! What a great way to start my week!!!! Time to celebrate... oatmeal cookies for everyone.... including Darla!

Darla is so beautiful, thank you so much for being able to allow her to see. She looks a little like Goldie.

Such a wonderful post to read. It puts a big smile on your face just knowing she can see again. And look at that sweet face. You just know she's happier than ever. And I'm not sure there's any chance that you will get your chair back. Maybe a small loveseat that you can share is in order?

Awesome! Fantastic! Wonderful! THANK YOU!!

You are not the only one welling up!! This is so awesome. Check it all out Darla, you are so deserving. Thank you RDF for giving this beautiful girl her sight back :-)

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