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July 10, 2013


It certainly doesn't look comfortable, but it is a very sweet picture. Sweet dreams Dexter and Wilbur......

What a cute tail Wilbur has! And yes, that's an odd position, Dexter. It's hard to explain these things sometimes. My dog kicks away any soft bedding we provide and stretches out on the hard floor.

That is so funny!!!!-

As soon as I saw how Dexter was sleeping, I busted out laughing. One of my dogs (who is much larger) sleeps in even stranger positions than that. I've always called her my contortionist dog. Some of the positions she sleeps in look painful to me, but she's happy as a clam sleeping that way! Guess Dexter is the same way :)

Bless our little Dexter! :) I too am surprised he's not under the covers. One of mine crawls between the pillow case and the pillow for her naps.

Dexter could sleep around the corner of a wall in that position. :)

Too cute! :-)

My doxies sleep in the weirdest positions. I look at them and think "that CANNOT be comfortable"... and I move them. And then they move back. Who can figure? I'm still trying to figure out why, even when the house is really hot, the doxies have to be completely covered in their blankies. I'm panting just looking at them!

Hmmm, kinda hard to tell what position Wilbur is in...other than "under". Cute. should see some of the positions Timmy sleeps in!! I am amazed he can sleep like that. I know I would wake up stiff and sore sleeping like that!

SOoo happy to see Dexter!

That is odd indeed and looks very uncomfortable. And it's good to see Wilbur again, if only a glimpse of his tiny butt and tail. Cozy, happy dogs always make for a good photo.

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