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July 15, 2013


This is a very sweet story! We are fostering two blind Italian Greyhounds and they are very much the same in that they do a lot of sniffing. You guys are the best, I have a lot of respect for you and what you do. :)

What a lucky girl Miss Widget is.

Little Blind Bindi likes to do the same thing, although she doesn't have a cool tree to sit under. She simply hangs out on the porch while she listens and sniffs. I also have to use a flashlight to go out & retrieve Bindi some nights, but with her being black and having no eyes to reflect in the beam of the flashlight, it's often difficult to find her! LOL

Bindi sends love to her friend Widget! :-)

I love this story and photo. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Steve: Thank you for sharing such a lovely story (and photo) about Widget.

It made me cry when I looked at that picture. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was "Widgets time alone with God". I am sure she has thanked him many times over for the life ahe has now and is praying for the other lost souls that need to be found and be given the love she has. Thank you all and God Bless.

When I gaze at that great photo, I become lost in the moment with Ms. Widget! The summer evening- such a treat!

Widget sounds rather nocturnal, as I tend to be.
I'm so sorry about Bentley, but plz take comfort in knowing what a wonderful quality of life you were able to give him for the last part of his life. He was so fortunate that you were able to give him his sight back & I know he was loved & cared for.
Thank you so very much not only for all that you do, but all that you give.
Hugs all around,

I had the same thought as Shirley but I wasn't sure if that was the same tree that Dusty had his hole under. I also agree with Mary H.'s comment. I've always admired the individual care you manage to provide in spite of caring for so many animals. They are truly at home on the farm. And Bob cracks me up with his beagle comments!

I just love this blog and the community it has created.

Widget looks so peaceful.

I love this story. We adopted a blind kitten Martha from CVHS last December . She had travelled on transport from L.I. after a hurricane and on arrival the surgery to remove her eyes became necessary due to upper respiratory infection and that saved her life. I can identify with your story of Widge . Oftentimes I see her sitting in a window soaking up the sunshine and feeling its warmth on her body. Or she will sit and listen once evening comes and a moth or two fly in the house fluttering by the lights - she can sense where they are and it is a game to her to try to catch them. And once the lights are out and all the others are asleep I get a flashlight to make sure she is okay - I am the one who needs the light. And oftentimes I find her on the screened porch attached to the house just sitting listening to all the night sounds :) We named her Martha Skylight because the sky's the limit with what she can do - a very special cat. So thanks for sharing about Widge.

So sweet.

Gotta love Widget! She sure has her minions perfectly trained :)

I love the picture, she looks like she's enjoying pure bliss taking in everything the night has to offer.

That tree will always, always remind me of Dusty.

I LOVE the way you treat family at RDF, Steve and Alayne! A simple gesture, to allow Widget to sit with time to herself. Smiling through the tears. Thank you both and God Bless.

Here's a (tongue-in-cheek) fundraiser for you: auction a night spent camping with Widget. Then you good folks can go to bed, Widget can stay out sniffing the air all night, and some lucky RDF follower(s) can spend a glorious night with the gorgeous Widge-ster

What a lovely story. And what a lovely way for you to end the evening. It's nice to see the queen enjoying her domain.

Great photo of Widget! She looks totally content out under her tree.

Awwww, she's so precious! So glad she (and the others) are at peace out there and can enjoy life without worries or fears.

Look carefully at the photo. Widget is communicating with her home planet about recent events at RDF and his efforts to keep the minions in line. She is asking for a raise.

What a nice picture you have painted. We humans tend to take our senses for granted. I think I'll go take a walk in the garden!

I would imagine that at night, all the other dogs tucked in and their scents not floating around, Widge's World is immense with interesting and different scents floating in from around the property and beyond giving her maybe a sense of freedom and being transported with a light evening breeze.

Good Morning...such a precious little soul...taking in all the goodness of the evening xox

Hmm, I wonder what she would do if you just left her our all night? Howl at the moon? We had a Samoyed mix once who loved the cool evenings once summer heated up. We'd occasionally leave her out on the deck to sleep in cooler temps, but she would invariably find something to bark at around 2am, waking the remaining pack which were in the house to join in!! Needless to say, we were all up.

Love it!!!

Isn't funny how dogs can train their humans to get what they want? She can probably smell all the animals who come out at night. I bet if you left her out there would be a party happening under that tree in the wee hours of the morning - Widget and all her night owl friends.

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