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June 05, 2013


Very nice trim jobs on all the dogs. She sure knows how to show off Zach's "all seeing eye". ;)

They are all so adorable! If I didn't have three rescued German shepherds, I would apply to adopt them.
Zach has a curious black spot on his forehead that makes him extra cute. Is it simply his coloring, or is there another story to his spot?

Thanks Lori for making the guys and other fur babies look so nice.

Zach is quite a character I'm sure. He has got that look about him. And he looks so happy and comfy in his new home. And Fuzzy what a darling face.Love the pic of them seeing Lori off.They are such gentlemen!!! OXOXOX to all!!!

They are so cute! They don't want their friend to leave, especially after she made them look so beautiful :)

I just love the expression on Zach's face...he sure does look like a cheery happy fellow!

That little Fuzzy is such a total do you get any work done....I would be smooching all over him all the time!!

All so adorable! Give them a hug for me..........

Lori, you've got a great job and great clients (human and canine).

They look so handsome! I'll bet you're Lori's favorite client, and it looks like everyone loves her too.

I kind of wonder what goes through the mind of one of the lucky ones who've had their sight restored the first time they see the other doggies with whom they live. I wonder if it's wow, he looks just like he sounds. Or if it's more like, whoa, didn't see that face coming from that voice. But the three at the gate is a cute photo. Lori does a nice job!

All so beautiful!

Great work Lori! Everyone looks SO cute, and much more comfortable,too, I'm sure! Looks like they hate to see you go. :)

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