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June 11, 2013


Aaron is beautiful! Glad he has found some entertainment during the rain delay with his Kong!! I see Gina. She is definitely not gonna work in the rain..she looks pretty settled in until it stops!! :)

I'd love to just give him a great big ole hug! What a handsome guy.
Hugs all around,

I'm so in LOVE with Aaron and Gina! GREAT post!

I think Aaron would be a great doggie "spokesmodel" for Kong!
They are both gorgeous, and sounds like hard workers!

Aaron is beautiful! Have gone through a Kong or two with some dogs I've had. They do last a lot longer when food or treats are stuffed inside for sure.

I did not know about goats' aversion to rain. That's kind of funny, considering how adventuresome they are in other areas of their lives. Aaron sounds like a dedicated chewer indeed. He looks very content in his cozy den.

Aww! They look awfully cozy in there!

Mamma Heartbeat

Is he allowed in your chair?? :) He's certainly a handsome guy!

I go through the same thing with kongs. I have a wold hybrid and a Newfoundland. So much for non-destructive toys. I do fill mine up with plain yogurt/frozen green beans and cut-up beef hot dogs, then freeze. takes them longer to get tired of it!

Steve, do you stuff his Kong with treats? I used to do this for my Sadie.
more difficult. He’ll love the challenge!
•Use bigger pieces of food. Wedge chunks of fruits and veggies and larger biscuits inside the opening of the KONG.
•Put a few cubes of cheese inside the KONG. After stuffing it with the cheese and some of your dog’s regular food, put the KONG in the microwave for just five to eight seconds so that the cheese gets sticky and soft. (Be sure that the KONG is completely cool before you give it to your dog.)
My beloved Sadie died about a month ago of old age, but she really had fun with her Kong.

He is gorgeous.

Wow. Looks like Aaron needs the giant black Kong for 'aggressive' chewers. That might buy him an extra hour of entertainment before he looks for a tasty collar or something else. Does he eat peanut butter or get his dinner inside the Kong (frozen or not)? That might persuade him to avoid destroying it. Regardless, he is right to complain about the rain delay. Who knew goats were such sissies, given what they eat!

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