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June 24, 2013


Whenever I check the blog and there is not a new post, I always feel nervous that something has happened to one of the animals. And this time, sad to say, it did. I am so very sorry for you having to go through another loss. It never gets any easier. I'm so glad you were with Bently at the end.

Dear Lord, this just breaks my heart into a million pieces.I am so very sorry for you loss.But in the sadness,I am also thankful that Bentley knew he was loved and cherished.I appreciate all that you did for him and that he was able to see for the last 3 months of his life. Thank you for educating me through your amazing blog.

So sorry for your loss.

so sorry for your loss you have had more than any body could have in a life time. they are all angels looking over you for sure.

I'm in tears ready about poor Bentley. He was such a happy guy and this was all so sudden. I know you did your best for him all the while he was there. His life was wonderful these last 6 months because of you guys. I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Losing Bentley is a blow to you folks and to us readers even if we experience it only secondhand. I'm so sorry to read about this. I send all my sympathies!

The tears won't stop. Bentley sounds like my Ziggy the way he dances and is so excited every moment, as if he's so grateful that someone loves him! Bentley even looks ike Ziggy? My heart breaks for you and your loss. So happy Bentley knew your love, and you his. Thanks for all you do! It can't always be easy, I know:(

So sorry that you must go through the sadness. Thank you so much for what you provide for valiant guys like Bentley - for all of the wonderful beings that find their way into your care.

I am so saddened to hear of his passing. What a cutie. I had DIC in 1999 from a perforated bowel and after the multiple organ dysfunction got gangrene in my feet and legs. You did the best for him by letting him go. <3

I am heartbroken for all of you at Bentley's sudden and untimely death. My thoughts are with you at this moment. Sei umarmt (Be hugged). That's all I can do from here.

So sad.... You and Alayne provided more love and help in 6 short months than may have ever had that he appreciated with all his heart.

so sorry about the loss of this wonderful guy. am also glad he had you both until the end. you are wonderful people.

Broke my heart. Praying for you. He may not be there physically but his spirit dances around you and all you do for his brothers and sisters. <3

Bless u im so sorry for ur seemed like the best i will pray for u!

I'm so sorry!! I'm having a hard time writing this as I am crying as well!! At least he had a WONDERFUL last 6 months with you and Alayne and knew how much he you both loved him!!! It doesn't seem to matter how long or short we have our pets, it still hits us hard!! Steve, I don't know how you write these kind of blogs!! You make us feel the pain you are feeling, like it was our own pet passing. Big hugs to you both!

My heart goes out to you, Alayne and the rest of the dogs who surely must be missing him. Just last week I had to make the decision to end my parakeet's life after 12 years when he suddenly began breathing very heavily and was accumulating fluid.

Steve and Alayne, my heart hurts after reading of your loss of Bentley. He had six good, and three brilliant, months full of love and goodness in the special way only RDF can deliver. I lost my 13 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi three weeks ago. Severe medical issues followed him his entire life. The feeling when getting up in the morning and you look for your him to start the morning routine and he is not there. The hollow, hard, panic that it cannot be, not him, not now, not after overcoming so much.
I like to think besides his RDF family Bentley will spend some time with Kirby. Two darling little souls who stole our hearts, and then broke them with their passing.

It was God's will that little Bently live out his final days with you. He had love, friends, and the best health money could buy. God will grant you comfort in joyous memories of Bently, and bless you for the kindness you extend to so many animals. God Bless you all. You will meet Bently again on the Rainbow Bridge.

This is so sad...You guys are incredible and it's so wonderful he had you.

I started crying reading your account of Bentley. It's so evident you love your animals. For that, Bentley was one lucky dog. If he had to be in pain and going to die, what better humans to have around him at such a time -- his caregivers and medical personnel -- to ease the end.

Dear Steve and Alyane, Thank you for taking such good care of "our" boy. He knows he was loved!! Stephanie

I am so sorry. :(

So Sorry to hear he had to leave but I'm forever grateful he had both of you to love him and take care of him... His last six months must have been heaven to him!!!

So very sorry for your loss. Thank you for giving him a great life over the past six months. I know it is 'too quiet' at your house without him but he is now pain-free and dancing the jig in heaven!

I don't even know what to say to you guys. What a tragic end for this sweet little bundle of joy. I can only thank you for making his life so wonderful this last 6 months. Imagine if he hadn't gotten that time you you guys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Run happy and health sweet Bentley

Wow. I am at work and tears have filled my eyes reading this. I just HATE that sweet little doggies have to die but I believe that God would NEVER let us love someone so much and then never let us see them again. I believe all my animals are on my front porch in Heaven, playing with my son and patiently waiting for me. I fully expect to meet Bentley someday. :)

Steve & Alayne, My heart aches for you in the loss of Bentley. I am glad he had his last months on earth with you and was happy. You are such a blessing to so many.

My heart is broken for you & Alayne. I honestly don't know how you do it but you do & I thank you for the love & the home you gave this sweet bundle of joy. He knew what true happiness & security was, he got to see the world because the gift of sight was provided to him by you all, he lived with love the last days of his life. And he was surrounded by it as you said good bye. Prayers of comfort for all of you.

I am in tears, of course. I've been following Bentley all along and fell in love with him, would've wanted to bring him home with me. What was the underlying cause?

I am very sorry to see this. Like everyone else, I am also consoled by the thought that you both were able to be there for Bently, that he was able to be in a community of dogs as well as people, and that he could be there for you. It's a terrible thing to have to say, but I am also grateful that you at least had the opportunity to fight for his life, and didn't just find him already gone, with the possibility of helping taken away. My condolences.

So heartbroken for you. The heartache you have now is only superseded by the joy you shared with him, and that memory will always be there. God bless you Alayne and Steve.

I'm very saddened by your loss and know the pain you and Alayne are going through. Bentley was such a beautiful little dog and you both were privileged to have the time you did with each other.

Thank you Steve and Alayne for all the hard work, time and love you provide for these precious animals.

So sorry for the loss of your beautiful little boy. May he rest in peace and greet you again someday on the other side. Thank you for loving him and giving him happiness during his time with you. I know Bently is at peace knowing he was very much loved. Much gratitude for all you both do for your charges. xoxo

I am so sorry for your loss. he was a lucky dog to have made his way to Rolling Dog Farm.

How sad! Thank you for all you did for Bently. Thank you for giving him sight, if only for three months. Thank you for trying to save him.
At least he had a few months of love and gentle care. I am sure he appreciated it.
Thank you for sharing the heartrending story of his last few hours.

Steve and Aylene,

We are so sorry for your loss. Bentley was really a cutie and lucky to have you as his family.

Tammy and Jay

Oh gee. This is such a sad story. Poor little guy. I re-read the two linked posts. Bentley sure fought thru a lot of medical stuff. At least he had a wonderful home with you and all his canine friends. And of course regaining his sight was wonderful. Gosh, this is so sad.

I feel your pain. Thank you for being there for Bentley. Blessings to you and in memory of such a fine little fellow. Hugs, Miranda

My heart is just breaking this morning. But, I'm so glad that Bentley was able to have the gift of sight and love for the time he was at RDF.

Hugs to you all and much gratitude for all that you do for other sentient beings.

I don't see any comments yet, we're all crying...

I am so sorry for your loss. Once again, a lucky dog got to spend his last days with 2 people who truly know the meaning of love and commitment. Your dedication to this sweet little boy, and to your other sweet charges is inspiring. God bless you all. Bently is at peace knowing he was loved.

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