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June 19, 2013


Zach, I am starting to fall in love with you. If someone doesn't snatch you up soon, we might have to!

It's a reverse mohawk, LOL. Stylish, indeed. What a cutie pie. Prayers going up for you, Zach!

So precious. Hope all goes well for Zach. Big hugs!

You are a darling little man, Zach!

Ahh the little sweetheart.

What a little cutie! Sounds like you had your hands full on his surgery day, with all the vet visits!

I think that Zach could now be sporting the latest doggie haircut fashion trend! He is just adorable.
Hoping for good news on the biopsy!

Oh, poor baby! I hope he feels better with it gone. He looks a little Frankendog-ish. At least he doesn't have to wear the Cone of Shame. He will be even more adorable when the hair grows back!

Golly, from his first pics I would never have realized the mass was so large! He's going to be a totally cute dude when his hair grows back....not that he isn't totally cute now!

Zach looks cute that way! Nice and cool for summer, too....

Hopefully it's all benign. What a day you all had!!

Cute little Zach! I hope all comes back clean on the biopsy.

He's so cute and I bet he feels so much better without that bump there so close to his eyes. It doesn't seem like he needs his sight to know how adorable he is!

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