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June 03, 2013


Oh my.....Darla is about the sweetest thing EVER! I had to laugh at Linda's comment about hairspray triggering food reactions.....with us it's brushing our teeth! I love this about dogs, and I love Darla! Maybe she & Bindi need to get together??

So do your animals have as much of a problem when we go on and off daylight savings time as mine do? Totally throws them off when they don't get breakfast and dinner when they think they should. My brother's dog will even go down to the end of the driveway an hour too early to wait for the kids to get off the school bus! It's so funny how in tune they are to time.

That's how she got her curvy girlish figure!

I'm in love with Darla!!!

Great story on that sweet girl. My cat Kate will gag and pretend she is throwing up a hairball when she wants me to get up and give her breakfast. She knows I always get right up when I hear one of them coughing.

Love this one. Dogs know the routine pretty well when it comes to food. My old guy (15) goes out for morning potty and comes back in the door ready for food. If I haven't picked up the bowls, he will bark loudly until I do. Thanks for sharing their personalities, love to read about them all.

Aw, darling Darla! She knows that using her feminine wiles on you will work every time :)

My dogs can tell when it's dinner or treat time even if they are way out in the back of the yard. The minute I open a treat bag or pick up their bowls for dinner, they are right at the back door waiting to come in!

That is hilarious. And proves that she is smart and resourceful. She has figured out that sitting in a crate eventually causes you to start setting out the food bowls, and that being extra cute gets her the first bowl of food. Good work Darla!

Smart girl and pretty too. Thank you for acknowledging her request. I knew you would!!

Your 'disabled' dogs are pretty darn able! My dogs think 'food happens' when they hear me upstairs using my hair spray. When I go out, I give them a snack, and right before I go out, I spray my hair, so they have associated the hair spray sound with getting a snack - and they are right! Pavlov had his dogs, and we have ours, yes??!!

Too Funny! Levi will stick his head in the food container to make sure the food is really there and he really his getting breakfast/dinner. He never tries to take any while I’m dishing it out. Timmy stands behind me just in case I drop a morsel and he can snatch it up. Levi then proceeds to do the twirl dance while he waits for me to add the few extras in his bowl. He also likes to bark at me to let him know I am not going fast enough!! Timmy is ever the gentlemen waiting for his food.

This just makes me happy to read. Thanks for sharing it.

Love the hopeful look on Darla's face. She thinks she has broken the code but isn't really sure.

Wow, Darla appears to be one smart older lady. Seems like she's learned a lot in a short period of time. And it's amazing they know their own crates. Guess it's their sense of smell. And you can tell how happy and sweet she is from her photo.

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