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June 10, 2013


I really hope Darla will become a permanent pup. I'd like to always see her in your photos & blogs.

soft hearts are what animals make of us, huh?

The minute I move from a spot my kitty jumps into it. When I return to the room I find another place to sit. They do have us wrapped around their little paws, don't they! Darla sure looks cozy.

As one who "retires" the old furniture to the doggy den in the garage (their home when we are gone, complete with doggy door and outside run) I think you need a new chair. Our doggy den has a hida-bed and two recliners the dogs love. You know Steve, recliners have come a long way in design over the past 15 years!

Steve, you and I must be related or at least "soul brothers" I wouldn't kick her off either. I drive my wife crazy that I won't make our cat move if he's in my chair. I'll just sit in another one.

It's a wise man who knows when to throw in the towel. Looks like it's "share" or "new chair" time for you.

Comfortable, secure, happy.

Oscar made it to the bedroom and this lucky girl has your chair!!
Soooo Sweet.....

Gosh....what a *heart warming* picture*.......

I say that a great father's day present from the dogs would be a new recliner. We all know that you're a softie and that you have a special place in your heart for darling Darla :)

Oh Steve......time to share! I guess nothing is sacred when you have 20+ dogs! Love it!

Awww....wookit that face. How could you possibly shoo her off? She really has a way of melting hearts, even through photos. I think Tonya has it right; she may have a special fondness for you, too, and likes that the chair smells like you. Share the chair, and get a new chair - for the bedroom!

Oh, and I am amused that the bathroom did NOT make it onto the dog-free zone list. I am never permitted to use the facilities alone, myself, I imagine it's the same x30 at your house.

I think Barb is right. Darla knows that's your chair and that is precisely why she's laying there looking so adorable. Love. What a wonderful thing~

May as well learn to share...if you get a new chair it would only be a matter of time till it was taken over as well. They have their little paws in the door, your dog free zones are doomed it seems (heeheehee...)

It isn't taking long for Darla to figure out the RDF rules and then try to bend them to her will. Through seven rescue dogs since 1977 we HAD one and only one hard and fast rule. No dogs on the living room furniture. Everything else was fair game. Then our latest arrival (a beagle of course) found our living room sofa a good home base. My wife and I quickly gave up knowing that our wills against beagle laser like focus on what they want was a non-starter.

Yep...I think you've answered your own question here chair or sharing or both: sounds like a win-win, and glad to see I'm not the only one with this dilemma. :-)

Awwwwwwwwww......I wouldn't have the heart to kick her out either. You're a great dad! :D

Awww, how sweet. She does look very cozy. It would be a shame to make her move. It's just her size, too. And it smells just like you, which makes Darla feel very safe. Maybe she's hoping you'll come and share it with her.

Your girl looks like she's thinking, "I can stay here, can't I?" Celebrate being a Doggy Daddy and get yourself a new chair for Father's Day!

Go Darla!!!!!

Not at all a surprise that 'someone' has a soft heart....I think a couple 'someones'....But in any case, you deserve a new chair!

"Share". You'll be so much happier if you do. She is such a doll baby!! :) :)

I know your blog readers will not be surprised to hear that you have a soft spot for Darla. We knew it all along. And we can tell she's just the sweetest old girl. I'm thinking she knows that's your chair, which is why she is in it in the first place.

I say share the chair. She looks so comfortable and happy in it. But what happens when all the other dogs may see her in the chair? Could be some unhappy canines at the farm.

I think any of us would feel lucky to share the chair with sweet Darla :) What a doll.

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