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June 17, 2013


Darla will always touch my heart. From the time i met her here in gaylord michigan. i knew she was a loving dog just needed someone to give her a chance. You do such wonderful work, may god always watch out for you. She was alot like my lab-brittany i lost after the first of the yr. Darla reminds me of her over and over from her sitting in the chair to the rolling over and letting you rub her belly. Darla was fun we took her for walks and play with her for hours when she was at the animal shelter we volunteer at. thanks for the updates, yu do amazing work.

Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was very happy to read that Darla can have surgery to restore her sight. You are like the east coast version of Best Friends - getting proper medical care to those that need it.

What a blessing that Darla came to you, in more ways than one. I am so very happy that it's possible for her to have sight again! I can only imagine what a wonderful day that will be and thank you for all you do.

Fantastic news!!! What drugs are used to support liver function and will she have to be on them forever? Did you tell Darla the good news about her eyes? :) :)

That's just fantastic!So happy for Darla!

Awesome, happy, wonderful news!!!

What wonderful news!! I'm so happy and excited for Darla! What a wonderful gift you are giving she will be able to see the faces of you and Alayne, who have taken her into your lives and home. A very happy time for all!

We would like to encourage all to send in a donation no matter how small. We know you run 100% on the kindness of those who donate. This must be expensive.

OMG--we are so happy she ended up at RDF. This is amazing and beyond wonderful news!Thanks again for the great news about Darla!

On the blog site, the pic of you and Alayne with Goldie in Montana pops up right next to the pic of Darla. It really is amazing how much Darla looks like Goldie! No wonder you have a extra-special soft spot for this sweet girl. Imagine the joy she will feel when she can see again! Such a wonderful happily ever after for a girl who really deserves it.

Yay Darla, you go girl!!! Thanks, Steve and Alayne!

Great news. Believe that Darla already has her recuperation spot picked out. She knows just the chair to relax in while on the mend. resistance is futile.

That's great news! I'm so happy for Darla. She looks like a very well-behaved patient, too. And you may be able to break the news to her about Your Chair, once she can see your gestures and body language. :)

FANTASTIC NEWS FOR DARLA! I am smiling thinking about the adventures she will have and the stories you may share with us. Rolling Dog Farm rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The gift of Sight!!! And what a wonderful gift you are giving her. And what a fabuluous group of vets and vet assistants you must work with!!! Hurray for Darla!

What great news for Darla and for you. She has such a sweet beautiful face. You just want to give it a kiss, which I bet you did after her appointment! She is one pretty girl.

What wonderful news, indeed. and something tells me that even once Darla has her sight, she will not be adoptable as she has found her forever Dad already. Some dogs are just meant to be keepers. What a lucky dog she is! Can't wait for a surgery update next month.

Great news. How exciting for Darla!

Hot diggity dog Darla will see again!

Awesome news!!

excellent news

What a great way to start the week...and to start a new life for Darla :)

What WONDERFUL news! She'll no longer be called "Blind Darla", and I'll bet will enjoy the wonderful view from your chair!

*Excellent* news.....hurrah for Darla!!! Great news xox

There could NOT be a better way to start the week! So happy and excited for Darla and all the adventures she will be having with her eyesight restored.

Thank you again to everyone involved in giving Darla this next chapter in her life.

What a happy start to the week--Darla will see again! I look forward to the post of her first reactions to regaining her sight. Steve and Alayne, you are wonderful.

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