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June 26, 2013


I am so sorry you lost that dear little Bentley. No matter what the loss breaks our hearts. As many have said what a blessing you were to Bentley and he to you.

My little Yoda passed away on June 11th 2013 early in the morning and later that night my father also passed. I loved every minute of the 14 plus years I shared with our little schipperke, even these past years with the need for liver cancer care he remained happy and well loved. Last Friday 6/28 we lost his sister. Hannah Rosie also to cancer. Transitional cell carcinoma or bladder cancer. Every extra day of loving her for this year following her diagnosis was a blessing. They were elderly but their energy even in sickness was contagious. WE do miss them. Thank you Rolling Dog for the loving care you provide all of your animals.

Beautiful Blog!

I think all you have to do is look around to see all the happy outcomes. Just reaching the sanctuary of Rolling Dog Farm is the single most important event in the life of each dog. From that point on, they are guaranteed a safe and happy life. Regaining sight or being adopted out is just icing on the cake. At least that's what I think. :)

Our climate has been more lush than usual this year. Judging by our rain gauge, we're pretty much with you in 100% humidity. Your fog is very pretty!

How wonderful to be able to think of Charlie this morning to help you start to heal. Bentley will always be in your heart.

As a general rule, it's pretty darn humid here in the south, but I can't remember seeing 100% humidity either, at least not that I can recall. We do have some mornings where it is so foggy, we can't even see out the front door, yet it hasn't rained.

One nice thing is that you won't have to deal with bad humidity for most of the can be brutal down here. That is our tradeoff for no snow during the winter :)

I am glad you are able to reflect on the adoption you were able to facilitate for Charlie the once blind beagle. Surely that does not make up for the loss of your sweet little yorkie. By the way,it's humid here in the PNW too. Sunny then a downpour and so on and so forth. Steam is coming off the streets.......birds are singing......not so bad.

Thanks for the uplifting message and the beautiful photos. 100% humidity would do quite a number on my hair!! Healing and blessings being sent your way.

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