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May 16, 2013


I am so happy for Widget!

Just read the previous post and you are right - it is absolutely maddening. I'm so happy that deserving Darla is safe! Thank goodness the shelter employees didn't just euthanize her!

wonderful news

This is wonderful news!! I've been on pins and needles myself as I've been a supported of your ranch and a fan of Widget's for years. Wishing Widget and all the other dear ones at your ranch, a very happy and long live....

So happy to hear this! There's nothing worse than going through this waiting period. Always a vast relief when it turns out to be benign. Hope all of you had an excellent lunch to celebrate.

Remember back in Montana when they would get those yummy oatmeal cookies shared with them for the ride home??? I think Widgit would Love one of those for having such a happy spleen.

Widget looks like she is being very cooperative!

Wonderful news and a great way to start the weekend!

Thank you Alayne and Steve.

A ++++++++++++++++ news!!!!

Glad she's doing well with no conerns. And I too think treats are definitely in order for her majesty.

I think I could hear the weight falling off your shoulder's way down here in South Carolina! Glad to hear the great news and now Widget can go back to being tended to by her minions!

Great news. I'm sure Widget wasn't happy about being taken away from her vital management duties at RDF. She would like to have a personal physician on call at RDF 24/7 should she have any needs/complants.

That is splendid spleen news! Extra hugs to Widget! It is the fear of the unknown that will make use hold our breath. Once we know what we are dealing with, good or bad, we can set a course to remedy what we can.

Wonderful news!!!!

Fantastic news about Widget!

Happy news! Yeah!!

That's WONDERFUL! I recall that feeling of a ton of bricks coming off your shoulders, when you didn't realize it was there. Phew!
Ms. Widge looks like such a good patient! Could there be treats involved :)

Hurrah Widget. That's great news.... for ALL of you. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that worries myself sick over the furry kids and their issues. Sometimes I wish I could push a magic button so that they could actually talk to me and tell me what's wrong. But great news for Widget (and her mommy and daddy too). Steve & Alayne, take a breath now... you can relax.

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