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May 06, 2013


How neat, a snack wagon for a horse!

Thanks for another horse post!

It's so nice to see posts about the horses. Lena is beautiful and definitely smart! She knows a little extra snack now and then is well deserved.

I guess the Kubota is the horsey equivalent of a Chinese take-out container. Seems to work pretty well for Lena, bless her heart.

I clicked on the photo so I could get a good look at Lena. She is so beautiful as well as smart!

Very smart! And very considerate of her, saving you all the work of unloading that hay. She knows it is heavy and is just being helpful, I'm sure. :)

Cute! And smart.


Sounds like your utility vehicle has the same effect the dog food can opener (or other mealtime rituals) :) Lena is wonderful!

Lena is proving she is not just another pretty face!

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