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May 13, 2013


As they say.....good things come to those who wait. Darla has waited long enough and I am so thankful she is in your safe hands. Thank you...

You are angels to these dogs. You provide love
And care not just a roof over their heads. I'm awed by
Both of you!

Wow, as someone who grew up in Michigan this is disheartening (unfortunately, all 50 states harbor animal abusers)! But in today's world, as the shelter and the person that found the dog originally I would have called all local and national news, etc. I have learned that once you get the media involved politicians,city, and state employees change their tunes!!

Glad she is in a safe place.

And THAT, my friends, is why I like dogs better than most people!

Welcome, Darla, you are now in excellent (and loving) hands. :o)

What an amazing story. Darla is beautiful. Thank you Thank you Thank you RDF!

*Welcome* sweet girl to your WONDERFUL new life xoxoxox

I am thankful that Darla finally was able to get to you! She is adorable.

Welcome Darla! Put all the bad memories behind you.... because you are where you were destined to be ... with really good people who care about you and will take good care of you.

Welcome Darla! I'm sure she instinctively knows she's in a safe and loving place. Once she gets the lay of the land, she'll be very happy indeed. And keeping my fingers crossed for good news from her eye exam.

Bless you, Darla!
Your life is about to be better than you could have ever dreamed!
So glad you are where you will beloved and appreciated.

All's well that ends well. She is a pretty girl. Thank goodness the worker at the shelter was there to recognize Darla and get her the chance for RDF. She seems very happy and already settled in.

Welcome home, sweet Darla!

I'm so sorry it took a year for you to finally get to doggy heaven, but all's well that ends well, isn't it?:-)

Thank you, Alayne & Steve, for opening your home and hearts to yet another furkid in need.

A huge hug to you all from Italy.

Welcome Darla!!! As Gabe and Ella would love to tell you that you have found a heaven on earth. You are beautiful and so lucky to be where you are, finally!
Sending hugs and kisses from California

Love, The McRoberts.....and all of our beloved 3 and 4 legged kids!

And some folks wonder why I like animals more than most people. Stories like what happened to Darla just frost my cookies. Her horrible former owner used the "it's who you know" tactic just to push his weight around. I'm just so happy that Darla finally found her way to you and will now have the life she deserves. She's a real beauty!

Can't wait to find out if cataract surgery will help her see again!

You are in THE BEST PLACE EVER Darla! Steve and Alayne will take good care of you and show you that the world is a safe place and that there is love around you!!!! I would love to have you join my family someday - they have to stop teasing me like this!!!!!!! Much love to all!!!!!

Poor Darla, what a ridiculous saga she had to put up with before she finally was able to come home to you. I'm glad she finally arrived and is safe in your hands. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she'll be able to get her sight back. Welcome Darla!

So glad she is with you now. I have no good, printable words for the former owner. I agree that there should be a nationwide database of those who abandon and abuse animals.

The photo reminds me of Goldie for some reason.

Oh, yea! I am so glad Darla is finally with you- and sorry it took her a year to get there. This is one more reason why I'm proud to support Rolling Dog Farm.

oooooh! Wholehearted agreement. Dogs (all pets) are NOT disposable! And a privilege...
Delighted that Darla is at Rolling Dog Farm and sending tons of good karma for her eye exam!

Thank you so much! Her sweetness flows thru the internet. :) Hugs to Darla, and everyone that HELPED her.

You're in the right place now, darling Darla. This is it!!

The county administrator would make a thousand excuses as to why none of it was his/her fault or pretend to know nothing about it. Scum! Double scum!! Welcome, Darla. You sure are a pretty girl.

Oh Darla, I'm so sorry it took this long for you to get to RDF. But here you are at last and true to your breed, have probably already forgiven your previous people.

Have a wonderful, long and happy life. Looking forward to more updates on you.

Thank you again Steve and Alayne.

I have no patience at all for people who treat their animals so badly. It's a disgrace and there is no excuse for it. I'm just sorry it took so long for Darla to finally come to Rolling Dog Farm. She's home now and will be so happy with the love she will get here. She's a beauty. You guys are the best!

I'm glad Darla is finally with you and here's praying her sight will be restored but if that isn't in the cards for her she will still be a happy girl in a safe and loving environment.

Welcome Darla! Soooooo glad you are finally somewhere you are to be wanted and loved and not left to fend for yourself. You might even be able to get your vision back! We look forward to hearing your updates......

Darla is a lucky girl to finally be with you

It is truly a shame that there is not a nation wide clearing house for people that do this. Just like the scum that would do harm to young children, they would be put on a list that would NOT allow them to own or have animals. A year was lost to this beautiful creature because of such sad actions. Am so thankful for Rolling Dog Farm.

I'd love to know what that county administrator has to say. Probably doesn't care. I thought good ole boy politics was a southern tactic. Pfft.

Welcome Darla. Better late than never. We'll all be waiting on the eye exam results. Good luck!

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