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May 08, 2013


Just received your newsletter in the mail! Great stories and photos, as usual. The story of Bugsy brought tears to my eyes all over again.

Love you Bentley!!!

I thought Small Change was letting me know what she thought of the menu. The vet assured me it was the loss of teeth. Hugs all around!

Oh, that face!! Bentley is the epitome of cute. Love his new summer 'do!

Nice little summer hair cut doesn't hurt either. Cutie pie.

Cuteness does indeed garner extra camera time! We share our home with rescue pugs who are poster children for the "tongues gone wild" club. That said, their cuteness Q has doubled since the loss of teeth. So you just work it and rock on, Bentley!!!

I'd really be interested to know if Bentley interacts differently with the other dogs since he had his sight restored. And in that photo he looks like he has his summer hair-do already.

Very cute! And that's a handsome new hairdo, too.

He is so very cute! The competition is fierce for cuteness!

He's happy and home that's all that counts :)

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