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May 01, 2013


Cash driving with Widget navigating!!

Your baby has grown up! What a beautiful horse Cash is and it's nice to see him again. He is an inquisitive and smart boy for sure. He's like a little kid having to check out everything. I'm sure he just wants to make sure the RTV is in perfect working order :)

I remember when Cash first arrived. He's turned into such a handsome adult. And ever smart as a whip. Kisses on your soft, soft muzzle, handsome boy.

Cash has become a handsome young adult! I was hoping for some horse updates, so this is very pleasing to see. I hope Brynn and all the other horses are well, too.

Yes, he's sure stretching out that neck! I'm sure he wonders what this interesting thing is that smells like you and food. He's really looking good!

How nice to see Cash!

I've always just loved Cash, from the time he was tiny. The video of him playing with the zipper on your jacket is one of my all-time favorites. Does he still try to do that now that he's all grown up?

Cash is so beautiful. Glad they are getting out and enjoying the abundance!

Watch out, Steve. One of these days you'll come out to find Cash driving it! We all know how very smart he is.

Cash has turned into a beautiful horse

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