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May 22, 2013


Zach looks good to me. One of our beagle's many nicknames is meatloaf for obvious reasons. Some dogs like Zach can carry the look off. Even our vet says ours is "solid".

I believe the state of N.H. allows for pets to be beneficiaries of their owner's will. That's a good way to see that they don't get packed off to the pound. They own it "all" whatever that may be and the rest of the family better be nice! :) :)

Zach, you are awfully cute and it sounds like you have a personality to match.

Welcome Zach to the best home you could ever have! What a cutie, he looks like an ewok in that one shot. Kudos to you both for your wonderful doggie heaven!

Welcome Zach! It was certainly his lucky day. He looks like he has settled right in. I'm sure the grooming helped him feel a lot better, and his new home is no doubt much more active and interesting than his older one. Keeping fingers crossed that his blindness is curable.

Thank you to the shelter director for thinking of little Zach (he looks to be full blooded Shih Tzh) He now has some playmates to share his life with. Welcome home darling baby Welcome home. Thank you both for all you do. P.S. This is bittersweet for me as his face looks exactly like my darling Shih Tzu Bradford who passed away last summer.

Such a bunch of cuteness!!! Welcome to the Farm, Zach!

I,too, have a provision in my Trust that designates caregivers for my dog(s) who survive me and also includes a bequest for their upkeep. (Inclusions such as these are easily done in a Trust; I have no idea about inclusion in a Will.) If anyone tried to take my dogs to the pound, I would come back and haunt them!!!

Good Morning and **WELCOME** to cute little Zach!! Lots of ((( HUGS )) sent to you dear one!


Welcome Zach! He's too cute. I'm glad to read that, save for his eyesight, he's in such great shape.

Very important point about people assuming family members will step in and take care of their pets if they die. I am involved in rescue and currently fostering a 14 year old cat. Her owner who had the cat since a kitten passed away at 93 years old and the family was going to bring "Sissy" to a shelter. Perhaps a blog post in the future about what to put in place in the event of your untimely death (I say include all pets in your will!!). Thanks for all you do.

"Bolster-shaped" dog. I love your description!

Anyway, welcome, Zach. I'm so glad there was room in the Inn for you after getting dumped. Life is good.

Welcome to doggy heaven, dear Zach!

You sure look cute!:-)

Thank you so much, Alayne & Steve, for just being the great human beings that you are.

He is adorable. What you said about family not taking care of your pets after you die is so true. A gentleman I worked with recently passed, his family took his dog and cat to the pound. We (his co-workers) raised money to get them rescued and two wonderful team members stepped up to give them loving homes. Made me and my husband start thinking about preparing for our "babies" if something should happen to us.

Oh, gosh, Zach is adorable...he's a little chunky monkey! In that first picture he looks like he's ready for a good ole' roughhousing session. I'm so glad he made his way to you with Darla and that he seems healthy and happy. Looking forward to an update on both Zach and Darla's exams.

Welcome to RDF, Zach!

OMG what a difference. Welcome adorable ZACH!

We have gone to an attorney and each one of our pets is in our Ttrust as to where they will go and how much money is designated---they are very well provided for--this ALWAYS gives us peace of mind when we travel.

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND and will never understand family members can have such little regard for the deceased family member's pet. When my sister passed we took in her VERY old 14 year old BIG lab and he lived with us 7 more months. We already had 2 big dogs too!

Again with the new kid info and accompanying cute photo! Again with me sitting in front of the computer crying in the middle of the afternoon! And yes, again, me giving thanks there is a special place in this world called RDF! Welcome to sweet Zach!

Welcome to Zach, the bolster-shaped dog! He sounds like the life of the party. May he fare well at RDF along with all the others.

what a sweet face and such a cute personality! if I was the woman who had passed away, I know whose house I'd be haunting... ;)

best wishes for both him and Darla!

What a little barrel of sweet stuff! I'll bet it's been a long time since he got to really play. He's home, he's loved, a wonderful future for the little man.

Welcome Zach! Steve, your point about family taking care of your pets when you are gone is a very good one. Just because they love you does not mean the rest of the family loves your pet the way you do. Hard to think about, but a reality.

Well talk about endearing! That first photo of the little fatty is precious. And now he has a great summer haircut. Who could not love him. And he's probably happy to roughhouse and play. It's probably his personality to be outgoing and playful and maybe he gained the weight when his older guardian was not able to play with him. He seems so happy already. We'll be awaiting the news of his and Darla's eye exams. Welcome Zach!

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