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April 17, 2013


Very scary indeed. Sending much love and light to her Royal Widgetness. xoxoxox

I pray Widget will be fine. You try not to worry, but when you love them, it's very difficult not to. We'll try to be positive and think that it will turn out to be nothing of concern. Sending good thoughts and prayers to all at RDF.

(((( BIG HUGS ))) to dear Widget - love you sweetie!

Praying for good news from Widget's tests. Hugs and kisses to you sweet girl.

Sending good vibes for Her Royal Widget in hopes that it's nothing serious. It's great that she still is acting normally and bossing her minions around and still has that wonderful attitude :)

Praying for our little Widgie girl! Hug her for all of us please (and all the others too - that oughta keep you very busy!)

You can't keep the Widget down. My money is on her. But always remember that she had the time of her life running RDR and RDF and keeping her loyal minions in line. She would like to see more beagles added to the mix however.

Oh no! Hope it turns out to be nothing! I know Widget will be queening it for years to come.


I will be including Widget in my nightly prayers and anxiously awaiting an update next week.

We are all with you in your worry and send prayers and hope.

May her Royal Widgetness not be bestowed with anything other than a minor spleen irritation for as log as she graces us with her presence. Locally, her highness Camellia went through such, and it was not a happy event at 13 years of age. Wishing only wellness for all the fur children.

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