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April 22, 2013


I'm looking for the "Like" button...

Just love this picture!

OMG I really did need that thanks for the updates!! So happy he has a great life!!

I sure hope he remembered his sun screen! :) That puppy tummy is too, too cute. Tickle tummy time!

That a boy Baron. Now thats how you do it. Many times when I have layed out on the beach like that, I am sure passer by's have wished they were blind.

Now that's a warm belly just begging to be rubbed.

@Ann, I did read Steve's narrative carefully. Yes, I can read!! I know he said it wasn't sunburn. A white dog in the sun is prone to sunburn just like you and me. It was meant to be humorous. Guess it didn't work for you. Sorry.

What a great photo of such a happy dog. Thank you Wendy for sharing that with us!

Janet in Cambridge, if you read the post again it does say it's not sunburn, so don't worry :)

As for sure is a dogs life!

That is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!

OMG Baron! Love this picture. It really captures the essence of all that is Baron. Wendy is one lucky gal!

Now that's a true "Baron of beef," and a sun-roasted one at that! He's always a cutie, and it's grand to see an RDF alumnus.

Too cute!

Can't get much more relaxed than that! Great photo!

So very funny! Of all my dachshunds, my male Dieter is the one most prone to lying on his back and 'showing off' the assets. Baron looks SO very comfortable!

Hooray for Baron! Enjoying the good life, I see. Good for him.
Shirley Parr

what a sweet picture!! that sure shows somebody who missed the warmth of the sun, hahaha.

cute cute cute

A picture like this requires some kind of comment, but I am speechless. Maybe, are you using sunblock?

Baron is celebrating Earth Day! Oh Baron, you have got it made. We all need to step back, take a breather, enjoy the moment.... and seize the day. Thanks Baron for the reminder!!!

Thank goodness I had swallowed the bite of banana I was eating before I opened this post. Hilarious shot!!!

Love the updates.

Happiness is a warm puppy...tummy!

Here we have a life we might do well to emulate! Happy happy puppy!

Love it. Definitely a happy dog.

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