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April 09, 2013


They are both beautiful examples of their species!! Smooches to you both! :) :)

You kiss Alayne, Steve, and I'll smooch on Jake. :-)

You know, I sometimes think we forget that you and Alayne are a married couple, with all the ups and downs that come with marriage, rolled into the unique work you do with animals (a lifestyle as much as work). I am glad you two have each other - special people doing special work.

Steve really captured the tender moment between Alayne and Jake in the first photo, and what a radiant smile on Alayne's face in the second one!

Wonderful photos! Jake and Alayne are SO photogenic! I'm envious of a Jake kiss :)

So cute....

Great pics. I love seeing the big dogs once in awhile too. Best of luck on the contest. Voting daily.

Agreed with everyone else - both should get a kiss, but Alayne first! Love these pictures - gave me a good feeling I could sure use today!

Oh come on, 1st give Alayne a nice sweet kiss then I'm sure you could spare a little peck on the head for big Jake. He looks like he might give you a big sloppy doggie kiss in return. Worth a try....

I agree with Ann - that dog nose a kissin! Kiss Alayne first though :)

That's so sweet! Both great photos!

What great pic!!! Alayne is so pretty and Jake he is one handsome pooch!!

Simply adorable...both of them!!

Great picture! You both look great!

That second photo is a great photo of both!! That should be in your newsletter.

Oh how I LOVE seeing Jake. He is such a good boy! Alayne you ALWAYS GLOW!!

Love those pictures! And I think you should want to give Jake's face a kiss too...he's adorable! :)

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