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April 03, 2013


What a wonderful use for more of your natural resources! And renewable too. Yummy.

Wonderful posting! In addition to the home you provide for the animals, you provide us with the beautiful N.E. scenery and fascinating information related to a rural life. We get to share vicariously in this life.

I'm so glad they use buckets, & not the plastic tubing!

What a "sweet" deal!
Hugs all around,

Oh, fresh maple syrup! Yum! Very nice of you all to let your friends use your trees and it's very nice of them to supply you with all that deliciousness. A win-win for all.

I just love the scenery in the pictures you take. You must love waking up to all that beauty every day!

Beautiful countryside....Thanks for sharing - enjoy the syrup!

So interesting.......

That's great that you have some sugar maples. I love maple syrup and maple sugar, and I've watched it being made outside over an open fire at maple festivals. Someday I hope to have my own trees. Enjoy your syrup when it is ready!

Maple syrup and Mt Washington. Both wonderful.
I grew up in maple syrup country (northeastern Ohio). I have been addicted to it since I was a kid in the 1940s.There is nothing quite like good maple syrup. Northeastern Ohio, produced excellent syrup. I continued buying Ohio syrup when I moved away from Ohio, but have run out of my original suppliers, one quit because of high fuel prices on the mid 1970s and the other because age caught up with them. I have found I can get reasonable syrup through Costco but...
Mt Washington. An exciting mountain. In the early 1960s my husband and I were hiking the Appalachian Trail and stayed overnight in the Lake of the Clouds hut before going on up to the top of Mt. Washington. What fun! So enjoy the syrup for me and enjoy the views of Mt Washington!

That's great that you have all those sugar maples! My brother has them on his property (here in Upstate NY)and a couple years ago gave me a gallon to simmer down myself - well the house was a humidified sugarland for about 14 hours, smelled delicious, but I think I got a whole half pint at the end. Still a neat experience!

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