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April 15, 2013


That Wilbur is just as cute as he can be! Good luck with the surgery, little man. :o)

Love you Wilbur!!!

Glad to know the meds are working and doing their job. You can see the little spot over his eye which I'm assuming is the growth. I know all will go well with that and he'll be ready to play outside in the sun really soon.

Oh gosh, if that's not the greatest picture of Wilbur, I don't know what is! I literally woke up one of my dogs because I burst out laughing so loud when I saw that tongue and the expression on his face. I just want to scoop him up and squeeze him!

So glad to hear that his blood pressure is coming down. I had to go through med changes for mine too, till they found one that worked well. Will be sending good vibes for Wilbur's surgery.

Looking forward to hearing about Widget's exam. How old is she, now?

Didn;t know he was such a ham for the camera did ya?? Maybe he can help with your next mail out...he can lick the stamps... heeheeheehee (or maybe he is just laughing at all the other boys still 'stuck at home' knowing he's getting the hugs and they aren't!!!)

Let Steve and Alayne continue to lead you on the path to good health, sweet Wilbur. Glad to hear the BP is coming down to within normal limits. Love the little Wilbster!

I think Wilbur is commenting on the blood-pressure cuff experience, and really hamming it up! Glad the medication is helping.

Poor little man!! You've got this Wilbur.

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