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April 29, 2013


Today is the last day of your calendar page on the Travels with Ace calendar. I think I will leave it up a bit longer to enjoy those Rolling Dog pictures. Thanks for every post that gives us a window into your life with the dogs and the life on the farm.

Well Jake certainly looks comfy! And believe me, I can commiserate with you on the grass issue. The grass on my lawn was looking pretty nice before I rescued my dog Radar 1 1/2 years ago. Because he runs so fast and kicks everything up, it's not so nice anymore :)

I guess you've just got Holy Hounds! I miss voting every day, so looking forward to the next round.

Yes, looks like a very comfy hole. Too bad about your grass. They don't call spring in New England "mud season" for nothing!

It's always more important to be comfy than to look nice. :>)

Dang, that looks comfy. I like to do the same thing.

Your photos and stories always get my day off to a wonderful start!

So glad to see you guys had nice weather over the weekend too so the doggies could lounge outside in the sun. I'm sure they all loved it.

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