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April 01, 2013


Looks to me like Fuzzy and Lori belong together.... ;-)

Little one knows how to "work" the new 'do! He is sooo adorable.

Oh my goodness...a heart-melting picture! Gosh....

Fuzzy, we hope that you are enjoying your new haircut and all the comments about how handsome you are.

I too would love to have more information on the indoor raised plant beds in the picture.

Fuzzy is adorable no matter what! I just love this little guy :)

All hail the Fuzzmaster - or at least in spirit! :-)

What a handsome guy! And he's still got plenty of fur left. The first time we took our longhair to the groomer's we literally didn't recognize him when we returned to pick him up. They gave him an extreme crew cut. He was still beautiful, but very different from how we'd always known him. Fuzzy still looks like the same Fuzzy, just in spring-wear.

If he knew how handsome he was, maybe he wouldn't be so reluctant. He's just too adorable for words!

Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he! CUTE PUPPY!

The little guy is beautiful! He has no idea how very cute he is! Perfect little face.

He is sooo cute!!!!

Well, Fuzzy is pretty cute with his new cut but he was cute before also.

Cute no matter what!!!


"Fuzzy" is a state of mind, not a state of coat. You are The Fuzzy.

I laughed out loud at your title!
What's growing in the raised beds in the second photo??? and who built those for you, they look really nice.

Fuzzy, you are adorable! You just aren't used to your "new do". But you look fabulous!

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