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March 15, 2013


An A+++ article! My furry babies have always been my children, and us their mommey and daddy :)

It's great the way Widget looks like she's winking at the title of this post!

A HUGE amen to that article!!! My 3 Shih Tzus and myself play hide and seek every night before we go to bed. I hide somewhere in the house and my husband asks the dogs "Where is momma?" Go look for momma!! They run around poking their noses here and there, running into different rooms. I am usually hiding so I can see what they are doing and it it hilarious!! When they do find me they bark a little and stomp their front feet. They really enjoy this nightly ritual.

I'm an anthropologist and my fieldwork was just on Lake Tanganyika in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The people are the Tabwa and earlier generations had lived by hunting in the forest as well as farming. For them, dogs, goats & infants were all alike because they all understood speech but did not speak themselves. Dog names were one-word references to longer proverbs, and people thought of dogs as living versions of a messenger spirit - so a dog would never go hungry, if people were having their own dinners, they would always share a bit with the dog as a courtesy, and they had herbal medicines to keep their dogs well. I liked the idea of all this wisdom (the proverbs) running around on four legs. I also liked working in a place where people were kind to dogs.

Great essay! Although anyone who things dogs don't "talk back" have never lived with a terrier, dachshund, Widget, or other independent-minded dog. Even at 16, our dog still makes a point of trying to do things "his way." Just this morning while we were outside it began to rain heavily. When I tried to pull him along faster, he dug in and slowed down. He'd rather get drenched than be hurried. I just scooped him up and ran for it, but he made a few comments to let me know how he felt about this.

Continuing from Bob's comment, I'm sure Widget is already composing a companion piece, expanding on the original essay and explaining matters from the four-footed perspective.

Everyone who knows me knows that my dogs are my kids! My human kids are grown and on their own so I'm glad I still have my dogs to fuss over :)

Widget thinks the article was written a bit too much from the two footer perspective. She knows her minions would be lost without her management and leadership skills. She will (occasionally) wag her tail for her underlings but only because she knows it is good for staff morale.

Preaching to the choir. Although I like kids maybe this is why I have 3 dogs and 4 cats--no kids! HA!

Thank you for posting this interesting article. I love the part of your introduction where you wrote about reading this to Widget as a bedtime story.

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