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March 18, 2013


Thank God for Rolling Dog Farm. Welcome sweet precious Aurora. Your sad days are far behind you!

Welcome dear *Aurora* what a pretty name you have and what a beautiful little girl you are!! xox

Bless her heart, she's adorable!

What a sweet sweet girl. She looks at home already. Thank you for taking her in and giving her a wonderful life.

Welcome Aurora! We look forward to hearing about your adventures out in the yard if spring ever gets here.

So many times shelters say such things and worse about an animal. Then, you bring it home, put it on a healthy schedule of food, medical care, excersise and LOVE. and it flourishes! Just amazing what care and love will do to animals...and people.

What a precious little girl! So glad she feels right at home and has definitely found a place in your hearts too!

Welcome to RDF, Aurora! Your life will be wonderful now! She is beautiful, I love her coloring.

How lovely that the new addition fills your hearts near the spot left empty by Goldie. She looks like a real sweetie.
I'd be interested in knowing what the average eye-count per animal is, considering how many dogs are below the standard number. When I was able to take in handicapped animals, I used to figure out the average eye- and leg-count every now and then.

So glad Aurora made it and is doing well. I LOVE this little spunky girl!! I had told Morgan that if I hadn't already had a full house Aurora would have been mine! She's a fabulous example of the resilience and fight of the beagle personality. Give her some love from her Atlanta family! And thank you, Steve and Alayne, for taking another one of our special beagles! ABR loves RDF!!

Sad, old blind dog my b&*t! She is adorable, endearing and as a beagle, just the smallest, tiniest, itty bittiest bossy! I am so happy she has landed at RDF.

That's so sweet that she's following in Goldie's footsteps in so many ways. She sounds like she has already made herself at home and is greatly enjoying her new life. Welcome Auorora! That's a great name, too.

What a sweet girl and as always, the care you take of her is exemplary... may she sleep in the basket for many days and nights to come!

Such a sweet-looking girl! I'll bet Goldie sent her to you and told her how good her life would be! Thank you so much for giving her her furever home!

Wooo wee, welcome Aurora!!!!! Life is good now!

"sad, old blind dog"-- That's fighting words!

I share the view that Goldie must have been cosmically involved in bringing sweet Aurora to you. We know know Goldie is irreplaceable, but a fond memory is always priceless. Wonderful news that Aurora is home now.


She's a beautiful old gal. "Aurora", it's a new dawn for you, Honey. I'm glad she reminds you of someone that you both loved so much. It sounds like she is working very hard to fill the space that Goldie left in your hearts. I'm so glad you all found one another!

Welcome Aurora!! When I saw the first picture, my first thought was "that sure looks like Goldie!" She must be channeling Goldie to be sleeping in her favorite spot.

What a sweet looking girl! Thank you for giving her a loving home in her golden years. She is truly blessed.

Isn't that sweet that Goldie sent Aurora to you to fill in for her! Welcome, Aurora.

Welcome Aurora! She certainly looks like she made herself at home rather quickly. She seems content to be at a place where she has her own basket/bed. (and given the choice, what makes them get into a bed they have to step up and into over a bed on the floor??) She's going to be very happy and will get the attention she deserves. She may be old and nap more than some of the others but I don't think that's going to slow her down. Wait till the wam weather comes and she sees how big the yard is! And that evil eye glance at the doctor is priceless. Thank you for taking her in.

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