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March 25, 2013


Yay for Scamp and Bentley! I'm so happy for those two adorable rascals..they can see and are cone free. What more could they ask for :)

Oooh, I think Janet is right! Never thought many other things more yucky than the cone but an NG tube is miserable. Glad the kids are free of their protective wrapping and can see. It will be a whole new world for them I imagine.

Scamp and Bentley sing, "I can see clearly now, the pain is gone..."
Love to all, and happy springtime!

Hooray for conelessness! Although Scamp may miss the battering-ram capabilities of his...

So glad the doggies eyes have healed and they no longer have cones to wear. I'm sure they're also relieved. In the blog it said this vet is in Burlington. I'm assuming that's Vermont. How far away is she from the Farm? We're having the sping weather you had last week now in New Jersey. The dogs probaby can't wait for the warmer weather.

Bye-bye cone of shame! Voting everyday!

The only thing worse than a cone is an NG tube!!

Isn't there a song about this? .... "Cone free.... as free as the wind free as the grass grows...cone free to follow your heart". Oh great, I'm humming Andy Williams lyrics.... and obviously dating myself!

Congrats Pups on being "Cone Free"

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