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March 20, 2013


Ahhhhhhhhh, the mid-March snowatorm.
It seems that for decades, almost wherever I have lived-- northeastern Ohio; Bloomington, Indiana; Missoula, Montana; Kalispell, Montana; there has been a snow dump about the middle of March. I would be so "disappointed" if it did not happen. (Ha, ha.)

That is what happens when you move to get away from the weather! Helena was in the 50s and 60s last week, cooler this week but sunny. We haven't seen any measurable snow in a while here in town!

Well, Steve and Alayne, back here in your old stoppin' ground, Western Washington, we are getting a couple new inches as we speak. Not fair, I say. Maybe they should just give up and change that first day of spring notation on the calendar, as we all have such unrealistic expectations.

We're even chilly in the south right now. Granted, we have no snow and what is chilly to us is warm to folks in the north. Having been born and raised in the north, I sure don't miss all the snow and cold. Hope Mother Nature will make up her mind and get spring to you all soon!

Okay Steve, I won't bother to tell you that it has been in the high 50's and sunny off and on here in the Seattle area. But it was cooler today, if that's any consolation. I am praying for a break for all of you in the Eastern states and for a long beautiful Spring/Summer season to make up for the cold. :-)

Here in Minnesota we're looking out on a wasteland of white. It's icy, blustery, and around 15 degrees. This past Monday we had another small snow storm. We are so ready for spring. Spring seems very far from us right now.

Yes, the same thing is happening in our area. Everyone who had spring fever last weekend is glad they didn't actually plant that garden yet.

Mother Nature loves to play practical jokes! Our first day of spring brings the coldest temperatures of the week. Someone needs to have a word with General Beauregard Lee and Punxsutawney Phil.

Out west here, we're with ya! Snow one day, sunny and bright the next, then COLD! But we know it's just around the corner (unless we 'slide' around the corner on the ice)!

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