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March 28, 2013


I don't have a pond (there is a small lake across the street) but about 9 years ago, a duck couple landed in my yard. I have a lot of bird feeders in the back and also feed a lot of other creatures including some stray cats. I asked the lady at the feed store where I get my seed what the ducks liked to eat. I started putting out cracked corn and a bowl of water for them. Over time, they've brought a lot of friends (I've counted as many as 30 at one time!) so now there are 2 large mounds of corn and several bowls of water which get refilled twice a day once they start comin gin groups. They used to show up at the end of April. Last year they were here at the beginning of April and this year I've had 2 couples since the first week in March!! That's very unusual as they generally don't come until it's no longer cold. They stay until the beginning of October when they take off for their next destination. They generally come before it's too light in the morning and again at dusk. I often wonder if these are relatives of the first ducks who stopped by. I don't know how long ducks live but I can't imagine any of the ones today are the same who were here the first year. Sometimes some wait on the roof until the other are finished eating then fly down. Ducks on the roof are a funny but endearing site! I understand if this is too long to post but I wanted to share it since I can relate to your goose.

What a lovely pond! That goose is probably thinking he made a wrong turn somewhere, but is glad he found such a nice place to stay the night.

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the moment. Have a wonderful day all!

That is an award winning photo. A picture says a thousand words. So glad you and Alayne are surrounded by utter beauty since you are at the FARM 24/7.

Give Mitch and Trooper a kiss from us.

1st goose of the year!! In upstate NY we used to watch for the 1st robin to come hopping across the back yard. Goose, Robin...whichever, spring is on it's way. (even if it was only 42 here this morning in south Florida!!)

Oh I wish we had water in our ponds but they dried up last year here in Nebraska. Will miss the mnigrating ducks and some geese that would come by. Always had a couple pairs of mallards that would nest. Enjoy.

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