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March 13, 2013


It appears that Scamp is living up to his name! Isn't duct tape wonderful? Happy St. Paddy's day to all of you at RDR. Green beer and kibble all around! :) :)

Great name for one of your newest characters

Love ya, Scamp! It's all going to be so much better from now on.

Good Morning and lots of love sent to you dear litle Scamp....(( BIG HUGS ))

Ahh Scamp! Hang in there! And don't ram any doors closed with the cone and lock yourself in the closet like my Annie did... :)

As the slogan goes, "It's all fun & games, until someone ends up in a cone!" Lucky for you to be in such a wonderful home.

Hey duct tape is Magical. It is how I keep one side of my rear Bumper on my truck. Yes I am a redneck. You go Scamp.

Awww, Scamp, that cone will be gone soon! Whenever any of my dogs have needed the cone, it seemed that was their cue to race around and see how much chaos and damage they could cause!

And Scamp, you are one handsome guy :)

When you call one of your overlords Scamp you are just setting yourselves up. Scamp is indeed a scamp. And since he is not equipped with depth perception "good times" ensue. He is a cute doggie and as long as the duct tape holds out I'm sure all will be well. In the picture he has the look of a German professor of theoretical mathematics.

Ahhh Scamp. The end result will be worth the cone of shame! Hang in there!

That is the cutest picture -- he looks so calm however the duct tape tells the real story. Great story !!

Scamp looks so precious. All of us who have had animals wear the 'cone' of honor for one reason or another know it can be a bit of a trial but necessary. Good news yet again!

It's Scamp the Destroyer! Sounds like he's having fun with this new accessory. Glad the surgery was successful and he can see again.

Oh dear! Funnelheads!

Hang in there Scamp. You will rid of that evil cone soon!

Scamp's cone looks like a sattelite receiver whereas Bentley's looks like a "ruff", one of the historic collars worn during Elizabethian times so sorry Scamp but Bentley wins the doggy fashion show this time around. Your duct tape is in fashion however with the current "metallic" trend of the season.

When Calhoun had his eye surgery, his cone was basically covered in duct tape! Considering we live in SC, there has to be a joke in there somewhere- rednecks love duct tape or something. Anyway, I hate those cones especially when they get rammed into the back of your leg!

Scamp is a cutie! Hope he feels better soon!

mamma heartbeat

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