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February 13, 2013


Angels are all around us and it looks like Dexter has found two of them plus you & Alayne, it goes without saying.

A perfect Valentine story. Happy Valentine's day to everyone at RDF!

They are here because you are their friends and take such good care of them.

I'm so glad that Dexter has found some friends to cuddle with. I wouldn't be surprised that the other dogs could sense he needed some love. Dogs sometimes just know what you need. I hope he finds some comfort with the others.

It's great to see Dexter practicing his "valentine skills" & sharing the love.
Hugs all around,

Love these two!

Such sweet pictures are just perfect on Valentine's Day!

"Omnia vincit amor", even old age and creaky joints...

Nothing like a good buddy to keep one happy. Dexter has won the jackpot with Madison and Widget. Thanks for these beautiful photos!

I love Dexter. I have a similar "Dexter" at home... only named Bogie. Every day is a gift.

Everybody needs someone! Just love the dear little seniors!

Dexter sooo sweet still one of my favorites he is showing his age but simply love him!

Is there anything on earth that can compare with these photos? I think not. To share the love of an elder dog is something very special, as is RDF.

Oh, that's so sweet. Dexter sure is a cuddlebug. Our 16-year-old has had his ups and downs the past few years, and there were a few times I was sure he was near the end, but right this minute he's gallivanting around like a puppy. Love and TLC are the best anti-aging remedies. Everyone at Rolling Dog Farm gets plenty of both. Thanks for sharing these sweet photos.

What lovely photos! Dexter and Madison look especially dear together, what with the way Dex is resting on Maddy's leg. Everyone ought to have such a comfortable, friendly place to rest his head.
Happy Valentine's Day to all at RDF.

Even tho Dexter didn't think much of me when I visited up there, I still think he's a sweetie. We all need love and comfort. The picture is a lovely Valentine's day present to us that love RFD.

Much Valentine's Day Love,
Kathleen, Roo, Emma Sioux, Genie Bee, Bella, Blue, and Cheesecake

Awww that little Dexter face always gets me. Hope he manages to hang around for a good long time! And Madison too - what sweet pictures, thanks!

Such an appropriate post for Valentine's day.
Thank you again for taking care of these wonderful animals we get to know thru your blog posts.

That is as sweet a story as you've ever told on RDR RDF we all know our pals will eventually move on but the shared time makes it worth. We have had our buddies since the late '70 for from 2 months to 11 years and the time together was always great. I miss your guys when they move on but as with our herd everyday is a treat. Every day the Wid goes to bed knowing she is the last Holy Roman Emperess. And everyday Dexter knows he has a buddy. That's not bad no matter what the future holds. Regards from the UAE.

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