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February 06, 2013


Big healing hugs to Louie!
Loved the post about your guardian dogs...they're a great hugging size. Great info about the wood ash for melting the ice!
Sending all good thoughts,

Louie will feel so much better. My pup Stormie came down with glaucoma last year, at age 8. She has a prosthesis in the first affected eye, and a couple of months later she had the enucleation procedure on the other eye. Even blind, she is a very happy, active dog - and best of all, no more horrible eye pain. Get well soon Louie!! I know you're in capable, loving hands.

I adopted a blind beagle a year ago, and he's such an amazing boy! Just had a checkup, and so far his eyes are still ok, they just don't see! We don't know how old he is, but he is a senior guy.

I love you guys for everything you do! You are amazing!

You're still a handsome fella Louie, with or without your eyes. I'm so glad that he'll be pain free. Thanks for all you do for your furry family to keep them healthy, happy and loved!

The care you give your residents is beyond amazing. It might not be feeling so great now but soon it will feel a ton better.

Louie what a sweetie. Now he and Mitch will have something in common.

ADMIRE your dedication--it is inspiring.

Sending a big virtual HUG and a SMOOCH to the handsome guy. Wish I could do it in person... I looked up his original photo, and he is indeed handsome. I hope you continue to give us progress reports on the little guy...he does look like he could use some extra TLC right now. As always, a big THANKS to you two for all you do for these wonderful animals. :-)

I will think positive thoughts for Louie to feel perky soon, poor little guy.

Oh Louie, you poor little guy. It won't be long and you will be feeling so much better. I bet you will be getting lots of love to help you heal.

Get well wishes to Louie from three poodles in Canada. Having been through this with a poodle we adopted as a blind senior, it was by reading the RDR/F blog that we knew enucleation was the right thing to do. He had nearly two years of living pain free before we lost him to cancer this year. Thank you Steve and Alayne for all you do.

Oh, poor baby!

I wish Louie the speediest of recoveries! Please give him a huge hug for me.

Thank you, as always, for taking such great care of all your furkids.:-)

Many, many get well soon vibes going Louie's way. RDF, your care and management of these special little ones is exceptional. I believe there is a special place in heaven for the good souls who rescue animals.

Godspeed, Louie! We love you and are pulling for you little guy!

Poor baby boy! I know its hurty now, but you will feel SO much better very very soon. Big kisses and snuggles from MN.

Poor Louie! He sure does look sorry for himself. But it will all be worth it in the end. Meanwhile, look at that nice cozy bed he has to convalesce in. Rolling Dog Farm dogs always look so comfy in their beds.

Oh Louie,

I am sorry you had to go through this, but soon you will be feeling so much better. What a brave boy you are. We are sending you love and healing thoughts.

Louis, take advantage of all the extra attention I'm sure you're getting. You deserve all that loving!

Louie should look and feel much better once the swelling goes down, the fur grows back and any drainage clears. Hugs to him and to all of you at RDF.
I wish I had known about enucleation when I had two cats which would have benefited from that procedure. Not a single vet ever mentioned it. I remember wishing there were a way to make them feel comfortable.

I thing Louie is already realizing he is feeling better and relief is creeping in. I'm in the Persian gulf for a month but still check the blog hoping for beagle sightings (despite your description the Wig has the soul of beagle) and Louie is thinking a tidbit about now would help the healing process.

Poor Louie. I just want to hold him and tell him it will be OK. I know he will feel better as soon as he heals, but it's hard when you can't just tell them and have them understand. I'm sure before we know it, he'll be as good as new and playing and running with his pals.

Precious Louie. What a sweetheart he is. Saved by angels! Thank you for all you do.

Good Morning.....dear sweet boy...lots of love sent to you in your recovery xox

Aw Louie, hope you feel better soon!

Thank you for the wonderful care you provide. I'm glad Louie is feeling better!

and look at our girl Spinner in the background, snoozing away!

Oh how I wish I could visit ~

As long as you're not in pain, Louie, you look just grand to me.

Aaaww Louie..I know it hurts now, but you will feel sooo much better!! I was nervous when Levi had his eyes removed, but you could tell immediately he felt better, even though I'm sure he wasn't feeling that great from the surgery! He is a much calmer dog with the pain gone, well calmer for Levi standards! He's still a handful when he’s excited, which of course is all Timmy’s doing!!

Bless his little heart. I'm sure he'll be better than ever before too long. Thank you for all y'all do for these kiddos.

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