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February 08, 2013


Love the Boston...looks just like my Scooter, who has us very well trained to obey his every command and tend to his every need. And I think I'm so smart. Ha!

I've always been a dog person, but in the 1980's I had a cat named Barney (actually, he was my children's cat). The dogs taught him to beg, open the pantry to get the treats and other little things. If he could have barked, he would have! He was a very smart cat. The other cat we had, Knuckles, was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he was still a good cat.

I've had many, many dogs over the years and some were extremely smart, others, not so much. But I loved them all the same :)

"Based on the ability of cats to hold a grudge", least they know a cat!

what I find very clever of some of those dogs is how they find the 'new' toy, and it equally amazes me that a human brain works like that :)

Thank you for this article. I always enjoy reading info like this, even though I'm never surprised at how intelligent animals are. How people can think of a creature as "just an animal" always astounds me. They just don't seem to understand how all living things have feelings and a level of intelligence. And I couldn't help but laugh at your comment about Widget. I didn't realize that she was so smart. I hope Louie is feeling better. I'll be glad to see a photo of him when his poor face has healed. Keep safe with the snow this weekend.

Dogs v cats...I like your findings Steve. There are some smarter than others. I know a man w/ a PhD in Biophysics who is brilliant. In his field. He is not so bright socially and cant figure out how to fix some easy fix-its. Another I know dropped out of high school but can figure out how to fix/put together/how to work anything he sees. IQ is a broad topic. Animals fall onto a bell curve too I am sure.
Personally my cat Cooper is much smarter than my little dog. But I love them each for who they are and what they can do. Just wish Cooper would stop bringing lizards into the house to play with, yuck.

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