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February 20, 2013


Or I can't help wondering if she is saying "It's snowy and cold out here - won't you please let me in? And yes I know I am not allowed."

What a beautiful picture--love the Farm property!

I love the kitties too! THanks for the post!

Congratulations on being the weekly winner in the shelter challenge. I'm sure all the doggies will be happy with all the treats they're going to get. :) ha ha

How come no footprints in the snow that I can see??? Did Skitter levitate to the fence rail? What a Cat!!

Skitter looks like the Queen of the kingdom surveying her holdings. With the 2nd photo I can just picture her (if she could talk) saying to Alayne "Pardon me, if I need a minion, I will summon you. Please return from whence you came!"

She looks well fed. :)

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