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February 10, 2013


That's quite a generator! A great extra feature that came along with the house, indeed. I know I sometimes have occasion to wish I had one!

BIG RED an essential for your type of operation. Could Alayne be any more beautiful--her beauty always shines!

"Big Red" is one fine looking piece of equipment and the "cutie" standing next to it isn't bad either. You can barely see Sweet Alayne next to it.

We got in excess of 22 inches of snow down here but our 2 legged little princess, Roo, demanded to be taken out to do her "duties". One of the dachshunds joined her outside, but the other one said "I'll hold it 'til Spring!" I couldn 't blame her!

Glad to hear that you were able to take "Nemo" (since when do we name snowstorms/) in stride. I'd rather name generators! Big Red is AWESOME! And Alayne even more so. Stay warm! I know the Doxies will show you how...

Thanks Steve for posting this great info on how you exist in storms and the risk of loosing power. I have often wondered when big storms hit the east, how you are going to exist comfortably when and if the power goes out.

Knowing what it is like to limp along with a small generator, that will power just a few lights, the refrigerators and the microwave for a few days, I am so glad you found the comforts like these built into the property. With the wonderful work that you do for the animal residents, you certainly deserve to be comfortable in any conditions.

Great stuff!!

I was thinking about you all during Nemo. Glad things went ok and that you weren't inundated with all that snow. I sure glad I'm not living in New Jersey anymore and missed that snow (although my kids had to deal with it)...I'll take South Carolina weather!

I have to say, that's the biggest generator I've ever seen. What a blessing that it was already there for you to use. Sure makes life at RDF a bit easier!

Alayne, share your secrets for always looking good. You even look cute posing next to a generator!
That is one nice "power station." It makes ours look anemic.
It's great to know you folks came through "Nemo" in good shape. How do the newcomers like the snow?

HA! ONLY 4 degrees below zero! That is unfathomable to a live-long resident of California. You are very brave!

Wow! What a blessing to have Big Red! Stay safe and warm.

Whew... i was wondering how you guys were doing in all of that wacky weather. with all of the furry kids, that would be a lot of little snowboats to take on and off all day long!

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