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February 04, 2013


My grandparents and also my parents used to do that, way back in the old times (1970s and 1980s, hehe), although I had forgotten until I saw your post. The wood chips or sawdust which accumulate when chopping or sawing wood for the fireplace are also good for this, and less dirty. Both are definitely a lot better for a dog's paws than chemical melt. That is quite a skating rink you have there!

Ring around a rosie,
a pocket full of snowsie,
Ashes, ashes,
No one falls down!

I remember when I was small and we lived in the country and people used ashes like this.
I hope no RDF dog enjoys rolling in the ashes!

Amazing all the work it takes to running this type of non-profit.

Voting everyday for the Challenge.

Again, another interesting post. I really look forward to these kinds of posts as they really give a wonderful view of how the farm works. I would never have thought of ash to put over ice. I learn something new all the time!

When I worked in barns with horses, I also found that the pine shavings for their stalls worked the same wonders on ice. It sticks really well, cleans up when everything finally melts, and doesn't wreak havoc on the environment. Great stuff.

Surely the dogs have cleats as well!

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