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January 14, 2013


Wow!! It's great to see Soba again, I have her sister Chelsea who has luxating patellas, but no other physical issues.(her mental issues are myriad) Seeing Soba makes me miss her brother Jack, who I also had. He also suffered from CH and epilepsy. Sadly, he passed from a grand mall seizure while I was out running errands several years ago. I have always wondered how the girls would react to each other, as Chelsea LOVED Jack and protected him like a baby...

So glad to see Soba so happy!! Your wobblers have always been my absolute favourite! Especially Allie, do you still have her??

It is so nice to see Soba again. Thank you for the posting

Oh, Soba! I sure fell in love with Soba & Noodle! I know Bindi (a.k.a. Nevada) LOVED playing with those wiggly, wobbly sisters, and I adore the photos you have in your archives of them together. I'm glad Soba is doing so well. She looks healthy and SO happy! What a good girl! :-)

It was so nice to have a blog featuring Soba. It has been a while since we've seen her. She certainly looks happy. It's obvious she likes being the watchdog. So glad to see that she's doing well and enjoying life, thanks to you and Alayne.

Absolutely adore Soba!

It's very nice to see Soba! What a beautiful girl, and a happy one at that, which is the most important thing of all. Keep on dancin' Soba!

Do you still have Smokey the wobbler? I know you lost his brother Charlie, but wasn't sure if Smokey was still part of the pack or not.

Nice to see Soba again! She looks very happy. I'm always struck by how outward-focused dogs are, compared to people. Their attention is generally fixed on whatever they are currently observing, and they don't seem to notice their own physical difficulties. As long as they can eventually get where they are going, so that they can investigate that fascinating smell, they are happy. Glad Soba is doing well and has appointed herself to an important post in the household!

Soba was one of the first dogs at RDR years ago when I started following you all. It is good to see she still takes her "perimeter security" job seriously.

I am delighted to see Soba again! It's so good to know she's doing well. As the happy owner of two cats with cerebellar hypoplasia, I have a soft spot for other animals who have it, too. Soba's a beauty, and the snow highlights her pretty coppery color.
Steve, what became of Soba and Noodle's brother, if you know?

We have a cat with CH and he too has that typical stance. He's very funny when he attempts to run full out but the sweetest little man ever! Everyone who meets him instantly falls in love with him.


So good to see Soba again. She is a very pretty dog. Glad she 'has a job' as watchdog...Good girl keeping an eye on things.

Bless her heart. The wagger still works though!

mamma heartbeat

I love Soba! It is so good to see her again. She is the standard bearer for the beauty of just being yourself.

What a wonderful surprise to see Soba in your post today. I just love when you give us updates on long time residents. Soba is so beautiful and I always chucked at her and her sister's names!! Speaking of chuckle - I almost choked on my banana at ".. at least I can see.."
I wonder if y'all still have wobbly Allie~

I just love, love red heads! Soba and Roo are a lot alike.
Neither one wants to be confined to a wheelchair! They figure they don't need it and don't understand why we can't see that. I dust Roo's off and think of all the money I could have saved if only she had told me she wouldn't use it!!! Go Soba!! :) :)

It is so nice to see Soba again! We ended up adopting our CH foster kitten last June and that is her standing still (well for her) stance also.

Soba is beautiful any way she stands!

GREAT to see Soba--what an amazing dog with so much SPIRIT! Another example of a happy dog who gets to live her life out happily at RDF who otherwise would have been another statstic! Give her a big hug from us! Thank you Alayne and Steve!

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