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January 10, 2013


Great picture! I love to watch dogs playing in the snow. Even older dogs perk up and frisk around in it. And the short-legged snowplows are always entertaining! Good job Widget!

That's too funny. Widget must love the water as well!

I have a dachshund, GenieBee, who is very Widgetesque. Altho I blow trails in the yard for the dogs, she sometimes decides they are not up to her standards and will blaze her own trail. It's the dachshund in Widget. Girls will be girls! :) :)

Our fearless Widget...nothing will stop her, not rain, nor snow, nor gloom of night! She should get a job at the postal service :)

I submitted a photo to the flash photo contest on the Animal Rescue Site. I hope my photo gets picked so I can ask everyone to vote!

Widget's hard at work developing a new Olympic sport for the 2014 Winter games.
Folks, we can vote in the Shelter Challenge more than once per day if we close our browsers, then reopen them.

Go Widget Go!

Any tech person out there know why the image I'm supposed to copy never loads on the shelter challenge site when I visit it? This is the only site I visit that has this problem.

Would love to vote, but cannot.

Timmy and Levi loved to do the same thing.

So cute! I voted and will continue to vote. Keep reminding us!

Always love dogs in snow :)
Hoping we get a chance in Seattle area today. Widget- you are something else (of course!)

Widget is a trailblazer indeed! I hope everyone is voting everyday!!! Happy Snow!

Okay people! Just went to vote on the Shelter Challenge and our favorite rescue group is waaaay down there - start exercising that voting finger!

Widget thinks one of gang might have left a cookie here last September and I'm going to find it!

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