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January 16, 2013


Bentley is precious! Welcome to the pack, sweetness! You're in the right place to find lots of love!!!

Wow, Bentley looks exactly like my Abbey! Same puppy cut, same cute face. What a sweetheart!

BTW, we each sign in to explorer and chrome so we each do 2 votes from homeeach day and I get 2 at work and 1 more onthe public computer at work too. just so you know, we are still out here trying.

Welcome Bentley, you lucky dog!
Steve, yet another project you have also intrigues so many you and Alayne do. Growing your own salad greens in the house in the winter!! Cool! and commendable. I know, I know, you have heard this need to get someone in there to RDF to write a book about not just the animals but the outhouse looking wood heaters, the haylofts, the salad greens in the winter, the cattle raising, the goat herding the chickens and wild turkeys, coyotes, horses, barn cats..... You two live a life I wish I could somehow live. I do take ideas you have given and am bending them to fit my little world here. Thank you for the ideas.
I appreciate how small a carbon footprint you are leaving and what a world of wonder you are giving to so many little hearts. A heart felt 'Bless you' from my daughter Jennifer and I.

A few years ago we saw an interview on the national morning news featuring Alayne, a woman from Tampa and a tiny yorkie named Spirit. Spirit had made her way to Rolling Dog after being rescued in Butte, MT where a man had kicked her down the street. The woman from Tampa who was adopting Spirit had previous experience with a yorkie with back injuries who used a tiny 'wheelchair' just like Spirit was learning to do. In the 'it's a small world' scheme of things, we are from Tampa, were near Butte for that Summer, had 4 yorkies...a match made in heaven for Rolling Dog and us. We have loved and respected Steve and Alayne from the very first second we learned about them! As I type, a little yorkie is in my lap, another is curled up in a chair next to me and yet another is still cuddled up in bed with her dad snoozing away. Our family of yorkies and yorkie lovers would like to welcome Bentley---life will be very, very good for you now!!!


Welcome Home Darling Bentley Welcome Home!! Hugs and kisses to your sweetie. God Bless all who are not afraid to help these wonderful precious creatures. Without them our lives would indeed be meaningless. " If one has never loved a dog one has never loved at all."

Well, welcome, Bentley! You are just as cute as you can be but quite frankly, I believe that RFD only takes the "cutest" of the "cute!....At least I believe that! :)

Hello Bentley, indeed!
I'm always so very inspired to see how all the wonderful connections came together for you to arrive to your wonderful new home @ RDF. Thank you to everyone's extraordinary care and efforts. Can't help but think of "it takes a village".
How nice that we can all continue to help RDF "say yes".

....w-a-r-m.....welcome greetings to Dear Bentley...from up here in British Columbia.....I 'know' you will love your new family xoxo

It seems to me that a lot of the disabilities these poor creatures suffer from is "poor previous ownership." (I won't even call it "guardianship" because that's clearly not the case.) Most of Bentley's issues, and those of many of his cohorts at RDF, wouldn't exist if he'd been taken care of properly.

That said, Welcome, Bentley, to the best little doghouse in the world.

Welcome home, Bentley (what a fancy name, btw)!! You're such a sweetie pie, aren't you?:-)

Thank you so much to Becky's Bridge & Stephanie for rescuing this adorable little guy and for taking great care of him, until he could reach doggy heaven on earth (aka RDF)!

Please give Bentley a huge hug for me.

Welcome to RDF, Bentley! What a cutie pie he is. He will enjoy a wonderful life from now on with you and Alayne. Bless Stephanie for taking such good care of him till he could get to you.

What an adorable little fellow, and love the name! Thanks for all you and others are doing to give him a better quality of life!

Bentley is adorable! And just in the nick of time, you all have come together to save him. Thanks and Blessings to everyone involved. (btw - ya gotta have greens!!) Hugs to all.

A big welcome to little Bentley! He sure needed some help, and was very lucky to find his way to you. I'm wondering what he thinks of the climate change... and the snow!

Steve your the best so sad that all he needs is love. He will get it in your house!!

WELCOME BENTLEY!! The first day of the rest of your life!!. THANK YOU RDF, Stephanie, Becky's Bridge and all involved but without RDF none of this would be possible.

Great idea for preserving and maximizing heat. Love your Blogs!


He is definitely a cutie. Bless you both for taking care of this boy and bless that lady, Stephanie, for doing all she did for him. I would have found it very hard to put him on the transport after all that, except for knowing he was going to the best possible home.

Welcome Bentley! He certainly looks like his coloring is unusual but nice. It's a little hard to see since he blends in with his blankets. Once he starts to get his medical issues resolved he'll feel even better. Then he'll be ready for spring and will run around outside playing with the others. Glad to see he's in a good place now. Please keep us posted as he progresses.

What a sweet way Bentley had of telling you how much he appreciates all you are doing for him. He must feel so much better already. It's pretty wonderful how much his life has changed in less than 2 months!

Thank you to Becky's Bridge, Stephanie, the vet clinics and everyone for helping this little guy.

Welcome little man with the adorable face!

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