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January 28, 2013


You are all so wonderful! I vote every day, and send money (not as often as I would like, but as often as I can). Thank you so much for the work you do!

He is soooooo cute!!! Love his new look!

What a sweetiepie!

What a handsome guy!!!And a real sweetheart too!!!

He is so handsome and a lover too! :) Lori, you're a magician!

Oh my goodness what a handsome guy! He looks wonderful. I bet he feels so much better. Great job, Lori!

Scamp is adorable, and very lucky indeed to be cared for at Rolling Dog Farm. He looks just like my black and white cockapoo Josie, they could almost be twins. Have a beautiful day!

Oh Scamp! You are one handsome and adorable guy! I'm glad you put up with the beauty treatment -- you must feel so much better now.

Wow, what a (lovely) transformation!

Congratulations, Lori! You've done an amazing job with Scamp!

He's now a very handsome guy (and quite affectionate, too:-)).

Oh my gosh, look at that handsome fella. He looks wonderful! And he looks like such a sweetheart. I'm so glad he's found a home with you!

Such a handsome little fellow!I bet Scamp is going to experience all sorts of new "firsts" while living at RDF. A little love goes a long way with these little souls. Many thanks to Lori and RDF for all you do!

Scamp, you sure are a handsome boy! Lori did an amazing job making you sooo cute!

He is really cute!

Oh my gosh, he's such a little doll!! He was even before he was cleaned up...who could resist that charming little guy? I just want to hug the stuffing out of him!! I'll bet he feels much better too. Way to go Lori....he looks fantastic!

What a handsome boy! I'll bet he feels a lot better now, and will enjoy the grooming experience more the next time.

As they say here down south - He cleans up real good! What a handsome dude......

Wow! Another magical transformation. Lori- can I get one of those makeovers, too! :) Is it just me, or am I starting to see more "spaniel"...?
Lucky boy!

Oh he is looking quite handsome isn't he. What a cutie.

Doesn't look like Scamp is one to stay mad since he's giving that big kiss to Alayne. I bet he feels good being so clean. Maybe he can have his hair a little longer now that he's received his first big clean-up. Waiting to hear how he and Bentley make out with their eye exams.

Scamp is so ADORABLE!! Love how he is looking up at Alayne! Beautiful job Lori. Alayne you always have a smile of pure joy!

Beautiful! (Everyone!)

Scamp cleaned up quite nicely!

Lori's work is sheer ("shear") magic!

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