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January 21, 2013


Welcome home Scamp. Welcome Home. I have a part Lhaso Apso and part Shih Tzu that looks just like Scamp and he is black and white too! Thank you all for taking in these darling creatures. I just love them all!!!!

So cute, can't wait to see Scamp after "grooming day"! :) Roll, baby, got it!

Another cutie added to the pack. I noticed that Scamp has a white undercoating. That means if he rolls over in the snow he will disappear if he is on his back. If you don't see him in the yard on a snowy day make sure he just isn't relaxing in mid-roll before you start worrying he went over the fence.

*Welcome dear Scamp*....such an adorable little boy....what an excellent family you are being welcomed into!!

cute cute cute


Scamp: I think you're doing just fine!:-)

Welcome home, sweet boy!

As always, a huge "thank you" to the rescue group, to foster mom Lisa and, above all, to Alayne & Steve, for giving Scamp a brand new life (and a great one, too).

God bless you all.

Oh, Scamp is so adorable! I can't wait to see how much moreso he'll be after Lori gives him a bath and a beautiful haircut. Love that wagging tail and the way he's rolling. He surely does look like a happy guy! I think he does have a Shi-tzu look to him. When you take him to the vet, do let us know what breed(s) they think he is and I hope that both his and Bentley's checkups go well!

You're doing just great sweetie!

And I think you will be feeling much better soon with a bath and a haircut and some attention to your eyes.


I have a feeling he won't be long at RDF before somebody adopts him! SUCH A CUTIE!!!!!!

LOL, he's rolling, that's priceless! :o)

Scamp, you're doing great! He sure looks like a sweetie. I bet he'll be even happier after his haircut. Welcome Scamp!

What a doll he is! They both are.......can't wait to see a pic of him all spiffed up! Give him a huge hug from his 'auntie' in Washington! :-)

No matter what he is, he is adorable and full of love. Can't wait to see the "after" picture when Miss Lori has spiffed him up some.

Oh my. You can tell right from that first photo that this is a happy dog. I said that to myself as soon as I saw that photo even before I read any futher. Hopefully his medical issues are only his eyes and once they are taken care of, I'm betting someone may adopt this happy guy. Can't wait to see the photo after his grooming. He seems happy to be safe and sound and he knows it.

Welcome, Scamp. I bet you roll 'cause you're itchy. Wait until Lori spiffs you up.

What a cutie! It looks as if Scamp will fit right in with the rest of the rolling dogs. Love that tail!

Welcome to Scamp! He looks like a very happy boy - great addition!

A very happy welcome to your new furry arrivals. They will see how lucky they are to have found their new home with you. These last blogs have been such happy news.

I suspect that Scamp will live up to his name. :) He is so absolutely adorable I just want to shower him with hugs and kisses. He reminds me of my much loved, departed to the Rainbow Bridge shih zhu, Tui. He does need a bath, tho! It will merely be guilding the lily, so to speak. What an absolute doll!!! :) :) :)

Thank you for taking in another Louisiana orphan. Welcome Scamp!
Please let us know if Scamp or Bentley have to undergo heartworm treatment so contributions can be sent to help. I'd be surprised if they're negative but I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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