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January 06, 2013


I have been reading you blog for several years now & my heart soars every time I read it. The love & devotion you show these wonderful, sweet babies is beyond any words I can express. Thank you for what you do & here's to many more success stories like Wilbur. Happy New Year!

What a difference indeed! I'm sure Wilbur can't even remember the bad old days. Happy New Year to everyone at Rolling Dog Ranch!

What a wonderful post to start the new year. Looking at how at peace Wilbur is in the top picture brings a smile to your face.

"While visions of sugar plums danced in his head...." What a difference a year makes for the wee one and so many others that now call RDF home. Happy New Year!

Great post, Wilbur is soooo lucky to have found you. Glad you guys are making such a happy family!

Wilbur is like a little Christmas angel!

What a wonderful story to start out the New Year. Wishing RDF many blessings in this new year.

Thank you Steve and Alayne for your wonderful work and the love, caring and attention you give these animals.

Great new year inspiration. Now to vote!!

I so love the Wilbster!

Happy New Year to RDF! What a GREAT way to start the new year to see how Wibur has gone from rags to riches. He warms my heart as does ALL the work you do at RDF to save these special, special creatures! Love to you Wilbur!

What a wonderful post. I can't help but say again how those little dogs like Wilbur find a special place in your heart. Not sure if it's the face or their size, but there's just something extra special about them. Happy New Year to Wilbur and everyone at Rolling Dog Farm.

Thank you!
What you do every day is a Christmas gift for all these wonderful dogs and horses.
Also for all of us animal lovers.

What a fabulous, heartwarming first post of the year, dear Alayne & Steve (and Wilbur, of course!)!:-)

It gives me boundless joy to look at Wilbur's top picture, in which he looks so relaxed and content, in such a sharp contrast with the one taken at the shelter in Texas.

A HUGE hug to you all from Italy, Carla

Wilbur is a special little guy. It wouldn't have mattered what time of year he ended up at RDF to live the good life, but it's very apropos that he came during the holidays...a great gift for both you and him!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

It really is a happy new year for wee Wilbur,and - - I hope - - for one and all at RDF. Have a new year chockful of blessings and happiness, everyone!

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