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December 17, 2012


Adorable! That is too funny how she gathers all that snow on her fur like that. Joie had her first time in the snow recently, in her Elmer Fudd hat, no less. Though you might like to see...

Merry Christmas!

Sophie is such a cutie! That's one thing I don't miss about living up north: snowballs on the dogs. And those little ice balls on the hair between their toes. :o)

Little Sophie is looking very seasonal in these photos. Very cute!!

One of Santa's 'snow'-deer!

Precious little "snow duster"!

Sophie is gorgeous! I do believe that with her snowball skirt, she's showing off the new fashion trend for low-slung dogs!

My Pomeranians collect all sorts of flotsam, year-round, including snowballs...


What a sweet little girl, snowballs and all!

Sophie is so pretty in her snowball skirt! My dog ends up with a train of iceballs too, within a minute of being out in the snow. He loves to play in the snow, but doesn't seem to enjoy the subsequent snowball-removal stage, for some reason.

Sophie is stunning! What a beautiful baby.

She is so sweet and pretty! Nice to see something like this in lieu of all the horrible media events.

Longhair dachshunds do like to 'collect' items to bring in from the outside. In wintertime, when we lived in Ohio, I always had to try to get most of the 'dinkelballs' out of Dieter's long, long fur before he made it inside the house. Made the carpet on the back porch look like the re-arming area for a snowball fight!

When your fishing pond freezes, Sophie can become your Zamboni!

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