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November 26, 2012


I just came across your blog and what a great thing you are doing for dogs out there-Bertie is lucky to have you and surely he is becoming increasingly aware of that by the day :-)

*sniff* Thank you so much for being patient with odd Bertie! Rolling Dog is truly an amazing place and Pinball Bertie perfectly describes his mealtime antics!

What a cutie! So thankful that you guys are willing and able to give dogs like Bertie a forever home filled with love and patience! Look forward to hearing more on his progress!

What a cutie boy! I know that soon enough he will have great manners because his home is now the Rolling Dog Farm. Your love and patience will cause him to be the dog he is supposed to be. Waiting to hear about his graduation when he finally receives his certificate!

Welcome Home darling Bertie.XOXO

I usually just read the comments and smile a lot, but this time, Mary from Washington made me realize something. Not only is she right, but it occurs to me that if every person spent some time doing what you do (a few months or so), the world would truly be a better place. Learning the patience and compassion you show would solve a whole world full of problems. Thank you so much for all you do.

*Welcome dear Bertie* is hard learning how to be a good boy, isn't it?? You must keep practicing every day and learn how to become a good citizen. You have a wonderful large family to welcome and help you! xox

Thank you for sharing what you are doing with Bertie. He is, indeed, a very lucky boy to have someone take the time and patience to help him lead a better life. It sounds as though he will adjust to a new way of life and Miss Manners will award that certificate.

My gosh, Bertie is a handsome chap! He could not have landed in a better place then RDF. You've turned around quite a few "problem children" and I know he will be one of them very soon and he'll be a happy, contented part of the family!

Love Alayne's nickname for Bertie. Thank you for giving this boy a chance when I'm sure nobody else would and his fate wand life would be no more!Bertie you have hit the lottery!!!!

Thank you Alayne and Steve for your patience and affection for Bertie.
I'm sure as his "manners" improve, he will find more happiness and peace.

Love the Bertie story! It won't be long and he'll be coming to you for lots of loving - he won't be able to resist! Keep up the great work you guys do. You are a real blessing!

If only all animals were given the time, the love and the attention your residents receive the world would indeed be a nicer place. God Bless.

Bertie's a lucky boy, and he'll start to realize it soon. I'm sure the others will improve his manners still more, and teach him the joys of snuggling. Welcome Bertie! We look forward to progress reports as you journey toward your Good Citizenship badge. :)

What a confusing world it must be when you're yanked from pillar to post and you're blind as a bat. His biting was obviously from fear and possibly from previous mistreatment. If any two people can make a perfect little gentleman out of "Pinball", it will be you two. Happy to hear your Thanksgiving was thankful.

Welcome Bertie. He'll eventually catch on but it may take a year or so. Having socialized feral cats, I realize how long the process can be and how much patience you need to have. They may never be the same as an animal who was always around people and loved as a companion, but they will anjoy their new lives and come around slowly. Hopefully Bertie enjoys the other doggies. They will help to show him the way. Can't wait for the post for the next new member of the household. If I recallo, you said there were two newbies.

Sounds like poor Bertie was raised by wolves...except wolves are better socialized!

Your description gave me a flashback to that great movie classic, "The Miracle Worker," where Patty Duke played the wild blind young Helen Keller, crashing into people and screaming when she didn't get her way.

You guys have worked hundreds (if not thousands) of miracles over the years. Bless you for your patience, understanding, and determination to save this little guy.

Pinball Bertie! It's a great story to kick-start the Christmas season!

Welcome Bertie! I immediately thought he was part cattle dog seeing those cute speckles, but that face is sure all Beagle! He is so lucky to have found you. Something in my heart tells me he will be an extra special minion in time after all your love and patience. I'm thankful there are folks like you all at RDF!

Thank you for giving Bertie a chance. And thanks to Atlanta Beagle Rescue for knowing where he could get the best care anywhere!! I look forward to more stories as Bertie becomes the dog he was probably meant to be all along.

I see the Bedding & Accommodations Mgr is now the Bedding, Accommodations and Miss Manners Manager! Bless you for your patience and not giving up on Bertie. I hope your hand has healed up and no hard feeling are lingering. If he has a chance anywhere it is with you at RDF. Hope your Thanksgiving was a fine one.

Bertie does sound like a handful, doesn't he? But he could not have found a better "finishing school" than the RDF!:-)

I'm looking forward to reading more about "Pinball Bertie".


What a handsome boy! Bless you & Alayne for your limitless love and patience. Bertie probably never had a person love him and make him welcome into an actual home so doesn't know how to respond to this change. And, I am voting every day for Rolling Dog.

He may not have good manners yet, but he is awfully cute...

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